Ka-50 Weapons Loadout Inaccuracy

Hello, sorry if i am posting this to the wrong place, but it seems as though the Ka-50 Black Shark has an incorrect loadout selection, in-game it is not possible to mount both Igla missiles on both outermost hardpoints, and it is not possible to hold 2 Igla ATA missiles next to the Vikhr ATG missile mountings on either side at the same time in game either on a 3rd hardpoint which is not acknowledged in-game. The Ka-50 has 3 hardpoints on the wings, with the furthest from the fuselage being able to hold the 2 Igla missiles. This is incorrectly modeled in game as being held on the same hardpoint as the Vikhr missiles, and you can only hold 1 Igla mounting on the left wing’s 2nd hardpoint, when it should be on a yet to be modeled 3rd hardpoint.

Ka-50 Hardpoints Loadouts
Source including the ability for it to mount Igla missiles on a third hardpoint: Ka-50 HOKUM (KAMOV)

I hope this will be fixed in the future.

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Your 1 source makes no mention of a 3rd hard point on the wings. In fact it only states 2.

External stores are mounted on underwing external hardpoints. Each wing has two hardpoints for a total of four stations.

Standard Payload External weapons load: 2,500 kg on 4 under-wing stores points.