KA-50 can't attack propperly without tail

I’ve recently played with the Ka-50 the thing is that in few matches where my tail got cutted (still fly propperly untill reach the heli base safe ) i could not use the gun and aim the vikhr missiles, is that normal?

From what I know about the Ka-50, it can still fly without its tail, but if it behaves like other helicopters in the game then it was likely counted as dead and your armament was disabled. Although I’m not a heli player so this might not be the case.
I’m mainly going of the fact that some thing in planes gets disabled when they are counted as dead, such as the radar and its guidance to radar missiles.


That’s intresting. Since it’s single seated.
On Ka-52 I’ve noticed similiar thing but then looking my co-igor he’s looking bit sleepy, what is gunner on ka-52. And othertimes, I’ve had 0 problems shooting without tail.
My best quess is, that shot has damaged systems

But doesnt it depend where u have been hit, when counted dead, I got some memory from able to use radar, after wing ripped, and I was counted dead because of that, and sometimes one crit hit on nose, and only radar is gone.

People think the Ka series has a tail for cosmetic purposes or something.

Thing nearly shakes itself apart under normal conditions, but surely suffering a large explosion that blows of the entire tail section has no consequences.


Radar is gone the moment your counted dead in my experience, radar is also gone if the radar itself it damaged, yes.

It’s probably shaking due to the wind generated from the twin rotor

Well, that’s hardly a rare circumstance to have a twin rotor above the weapon system.

Well, I hope you can use intrenet a bit better.
Ka-50 and 52 are quite stable looking on air and impressive manouverable.
And that shaking, I make my bet on full armament load , and “turbulence” from landing.( Wings bending up when going down and rotors pushing air from above"
Had to look up few take off videos from those, and I didnt saw that kinda shaking in any of em.
And yes, those weapon wings are flexible in all helos, if they would be stiff, they would break in that kinda circumstances. That goes also on western helos.
And before even saying anything of russian fan etc, trust me I’m not since I’m from Finland :D

Not the point, a tail isn’t just cosmetic because there are no rotors there, planes also don’t have rotors there and still need a tail.

Those were designed that critical components are not located on tail.
There’s report that during testing of ka-50 it lost it’s tail and still flew back to base.
And also, seems to have “bit damaged” tail and still flying like hold my beer :D

And yes, “normal” helos would be spinning like hell after that.

Missing a piece of it’s tail is not really the same thing as the entire thing being gone iId say.
Nor is limping back to base the same thing as operating at a 100% effectiveness… they didn’t add a tail to the thing for fun.


It’s a game design feature. You used to be able to still guide missiles missing a tail but after years of people complaining about the busted damage model of the Ka-50/52 Gaijin at least met us halfway and made it essentially impossible to continue using guided weapons after causing catastrophic damage. Also, it’s important to note in the above video that most of the tail is still there including the stabilizers(?). In game when you lose the tail you lose basically everything starting from where the bottom begins sloping upwards from the flat floor section, significantly more damage than shown above.

Which is good cuz now Ka-50/52 can still fly back to base to repair not just keep flying and guided Missiles into enemy tank like it nothings when their already got damage to the point that their tail are gone.

Similar to twin engines. irl idea is that so the pilots could somewhat fly back to base or safely land while they still can. Even if the module got damage.
They wouldn’t keep flying till they’re dead like player in WT.