Ka-50 Battle Rating [POLL]

  • Add thermal to Ka-50, rename Ka-50Sh or Ka-50N and move to higher BR
  • Do not add thermal to the Ka-50 and keep the current BR
  • Do not add thermal, but nerf Ka-50 to higher BR
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I would like to do a poll for the Ka-50 BR because since the BR update a lot of people have complained that the Ka-50 BR is still at 11.0

So I have an idea for the Ka-50 BR problem. My own suggested idea is to add thermal to Ka-50 and rename it Ka-50Sh or Ka-50N & move to higher BR.

They just slapped on the Mercury pod and then the Ka-50Sh had a FLIR ball on it, but both were just experimental.


Any comments and corrections?
Please be civil here.

Ka-50 should move to 11.3 without any buffs.
It has no business fighting 10.0 SPAAs.


25x zoom without thermals at 11.0 is too much for soviets to ask for IG. USA has 120~x zoom at whole BR lower with thermals, even same BR or close to Ka50 have much better zoom and thermals, as well as having better anti air capability, as Vikhr has been nerfed and only blind can die to it now, and 30mm is something person has to charge at to die. 9.7 USA heli has much better zoom and even thermals than anything USSR has to offer (10x and 15x is laughable).
Oh and BTW all Kamov’s helis were suggested and accepted by community on this forum


why?when there is a Ka-52

it’s apparently an acknowledged bug (due to that figure including digital enhancement) and will be reduced to 63.5x when it gets implemented.

I would assume that this will also impact a number of other helicopters as well though.

and in exchange can’t get functional ATGM’s let alone modern systems implemented, or USN Cobra’s wich would much more closely match the Mi-24’s progression though the AH-1J, -1T,-1W and -1Z.
for example the AGM-176.

late ATAS modifications/ AGM-114

APAM (M247) AGR-20’s
and many more.

I know, yet its been there for long. And even after that zoom will be better than most soviet helis have to offer.

Yes, which is in my opinion balanced,at least at 9.7 for sure, in both sides your effeciency is limited by something, on one side its optics, other is weaponry. Mi24 has more speed, Cobra has more manuevrability

It was more that the jump from the AH-1G to AH-1S(MC) / AH-1F / AH-1Z skips over a number of smaller improvements and then gets kneecaped to maintain it’s BR due to lacking ATAS and TOW-2A / TOW-2B.

The AH-1J would add basic TOW’s, 5" rockets (Zuni), the RWR, IRCCM and Universal Turret (able to fit the M134[7.62mm], M197[20mm] or M230[30mm] cannon) & Napalm. which I could see as a rough counterpart to the Mi-24A at about 8.7~9.3

The -1T would add interim TOW’s, Sidewinder / SideARM & HMS, and LWS and the GPU-2/A. it’s a fairly similar feature set to the Mi-24V at 9.7~10.0

The -1W would add the wingtip station for Sidewinders / ATAS, Late TOW’s and early / interim Hellfire’s, the AGM-65, basic night vison and 20mm APDS(Mk. 149 mod 0) for the M197. Again a similar path to the Mi-24P / Mi-35.

The -1F could receive a few things and be raised up to cover the Gap left by the the AH-64A / RAH-66 / AH-1Z.

With the latter able to be revised upwards to maintain a BR presence due to a large number of potential stores and features yet to be added going forward from later hellfire’s, Modern Sidewinders and other advanced ordnance options as they are added to the game.

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Raise its br without adding thermals, its 10km vikhers still is to much of an advantage

Kinda like Mi35M and Ka52, Su39 if you talk of ATGMs they can mount. Mi35M can mount Vikhr missiles. And all i listed can mount Hermes A missiles with 20 km max range, though adding that would be an overkill.

This the same KA50 that out ranges every 10.0 spaa?

Just like Apache, Kiowa, Littlebird, G-LYNX, Lynx, AH-64DJP, T129, A129CBT, Tiger HAD… all have thermals & superior optics.