Ka 50/52 problem

I’m sick of seeing ka 50/52 keep flying even though you hit them with a missile and it says enemy down, but they keep flying and shooting quietly for a while longer. if you shot it down it must not be able to fire because it means the vehicle is incapable of fighting or you killed the crew. this problem happens more with the ka-50/52. fix the problem


heli damage models as a whole are complete rubbish in war thunder. Way too much empty space where essential electronic/mechanical equipment would be and on top of that helicopter without the coaxial rotor arrangement should not be able to sit still after loosing their tail or power to the back rotor.

Concerning the Ka series of helicopters its kinda difficult to nerf them in a realistic way, since they have the secondary rotor. One thing they could do is add a damage model to the rotors themself that can be damaged not only by the terrain but also for example by explosions, which as far to my knowledge is not the case right now. This simple change should make SAMs, MANPADs and proxy rounds way way way more effective.

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Any heli now are broken. Like, even small BO and other can tank several shot, put out fire and fly without any problems

when I use my AH-64 this never happens to me, it’s just the ka-50/52 that are broken

Nope, its just your problem.

I don’t think so, I’m not the only one with this problem

And im not the only one, who witnessed broken behaviour by any heli in war thunder.

Both of you are correct in my opinion atleast, there’s times where AH-64’s, AH-1’s, Mi-24’s BO 105’s and other helicopters survive a shot/missile, but with how often it happens to Ka-50/ka-52s and how they can survive multiple shots/missiles they are the biggest problem. Often times i will get a “Hit” or “Critical Hit” (which does nothing to the Ka’s except maybe damage their tail, but since they dont need it to fly it doesn’t matter). Ka’s rushing with rockets are also a problem because of their survivability they are hard to shoot down before they kill a few tanks. Another problem is the Ka’s flying whilst being counted as dead but if they just got kicked out after 15 seconds after dying, it would be fine imo.

Sorry for no formating and any mistakes, English is my 2nd language and I am not good at writing.

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Just your problem, i have fired 9M331s (8kg TNT) at Apaches and still be able to fly for 10-15s. Helicopters DM only “detachable” part is the tail, so is normal for KAs to be tankier than the rest.

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I’m sorry but I repeat that it’s not just my problem, a little while ago I played a game, and one of my teammates fired 2 missiles at a ka-50 and it continued to fly, then with my LAV I fired a missile to another ka-50 and it just went “SHOT” and kept flying like it didn’t hear it, I had to shoot it down with the vulcan

Most helis goes down when hit by a missile, tho with gun rounds its a diffrent story, uness you hit corectly with a Tank round they can all end upp still flying, tho if you hit them with VT or a Missile most heli’s goes down imediatly

If they can’t be balanced in a realistic way, remove them. simple as.

I just love to first spawn in ADATS shoot down rushing apes in KA-50 with rockets just to get slaped by them while they are flying without tail “being dead” and even 2nd missile does nothing to them.

to be honest heli probably gonna be balance if the blade is damageable. probably because the “limitation” of the game engine they cannot model the helicopter blade to take damage. like if ka-50/52 got missile to the blade it just drop to the ground since it cannot fly, similar to apache losing tail. but hey “limitation” amarite?

Helicopters are so broken, that last night in one of my last games, I shot a ka-50 and it gave me 2 times in a row “kill assist” on the same target, because it didn’t want to die and I emptied the whole Bradley Charger