K9 Vidar - Bofors BONUS Munition


This is high-tech ammunition, which would probably take a while to get working in the game, but now you know that it is in use on the K9 Vidar and a little about the grenade itself

Bofors BONUS Munition is an 155mm artillery launched fire and forget munition which is capable of combating armored vehicles. This grenade features the base bleed design which increases the range of the grenade to approx. 35 kilometers shot from a NATO L/52 cannon.

When the grenade is over the target area, the BONUS carrier shell separates and deploys two sensor-fuzed munitions which then rotate and search for targets within the giver search footprint/area, this can be up to 32,000 square meters. As soon as a threat is located, the munition immediately moves into the attack phase to complete its target and destroy the target. each of the two expelled ammunition from each grenade independently seeks and destroys its own target, using an Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) warhead.

As a result of the ammunition’s rotation speed and high speed when descending, and in addition to the fact that it has no parachute, makes the ammunition visually undetectable and therefore undefeatable! If no target should be detected, the ammunition will self-destruct to avoid leaving unexploded explosives on the battlefield.

This grenade also has a Multi Mode Sernsor, which works so that BONUS detects and identifies targets by processing signals received from passive infrared (IR) sensors covering multiple wavelengths. the system then combines the results received from the profile sensor to separate combat worthy targets from false, unwanted targets. By combining several sensors, the BONUS grenade is very effective against vehicles with both reactive armor and passive armor protection systems

Caliber: 155 mm
Ballistic Similitude: M 864
Carry-to-gun Weight: 45 kg
Length without fuze: 805 mm
Maximum Range in K9 VIdar’s L/52 Cannon: JBMOU L/52 35 km
Fuze Time: PHit ≥ one target per shell
Submunition Descent/Rotation
-Descent Velocity: 45 m/s
-Spin rate: 15 rps
-Optical Axis: 30° to spin axis
Search Pattern: Helical
Search diameter: 200 m diameter
Search Area: 32,000 m2
Sensor Suite: Dual Mode
Sensor type: Multi-band IR and Ladar
Altimeter: Charger
Warhead Type Explosively Formed Penetrator: >2000 m/s
Penetration: >100 mm to 140 mm of RHA
Shelf life: 15 years

Key features
• Probability of hit > one per shell
• Multi-mode sensor
• Effective long range
• Compatible with most 155 mm artillery

Here is a demonstration video where the Bofors BONUS is fired from an Archer. This shows very well how it works



BAE Systems 155 BONUS Datasheet (Requires Download PDF File)
Published by BAE Systems in 2021
Some information and the sources are taken from here

Article published by the Norwegian Defense Force itself
21. november: Skarpskyting på Setermoen - Forsvaret
It is stated by them in the article: “Armament: Cannon with Bofors Bonus grenade” and should verify its use

Article published by BAE Systems
It is stated by them in the article: “Developed and produced in cooperation by BAE Systems in Sweden and Nexter in France, BONUS is currently in use by several countries, including Finland, France, Norway and Sweden” and should verify its use, coming form one of the Delevopers

Bofors 155 Bonus | Military Wiki | Fandom


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-1 Were games played on at least 12 x 12 km maps - sure. But since even the biggest maps are still pretty tiny this would just be too OP, effectively similar to a FnF missile’s LOAL.


It’s a really cool type of munition, but indirect fire systems would be a source of a lot of frustration I would wager. In my experience, getting killed by something you can’t see is very annoying. I’m just glad that PF-HE and top-attack ATGMs aren’t more effective in the game as they are currently.

The BONUS is damn cool, just not right for this game.
Nice suggestion though. :)


As of right now, indirect fire is possible in the game, but not a lot of people are aware it exist because it’s really hard.
It’s not uncounterable due to CAS and SPAAGs and not camping in one spot.

So you just shoot and it automatically finds a target for you? -1.

Wouldn’t fit into the game with what roles arty fills and i feel this would be also inappropriate addition unless they raised vidar up 3 whole BRs. Even more importantly the gameplay mechanics of this wouldn’t fit, would likely be very broken in execution and effectiveness depending on how gajin decided to balance them and we know how that would work out.
If gajin made them super effective or as effective as (propaganda) advertisement makes it out to be then people would cry how its P2W broken vehicle, if it was made weaker then people would cry that its unrealistic and that gajin is showing bias or anti-X nation behavior. We are all adults and know how this community gets about these things.

It’s more that it’s a precision AT-round designed specifically for indirect fire. Normal indirect fire in the game requires a fair bit of skill and map knowledge. The BONUS round is both indirect AND self-guiding (to an extent), which I believe no other munition or system for ground vehicles exist in the game.
Basically, it’s a cheap and frustrating way to get killed, and not much you can do about it.

Don’t think WT is really ready for a round like this, as cool as it is

I mean what you describe sounds a lot like spike

Doesn’t Spike require you to lock on to the target first?

Within a designated area. its not covering a line from the gun to end of flight. The operator sets a target area and the submunitions doesn’t deploy intill the shell is over that area and it covers 100m radius. then it fires its own “projectile” at 2000m/s and can penetrate 100 to 140mm RHA.

In my opinion this could fit into the game if VERY limited in some way (like making the area 50m radius instead or only allowed 2 shots or something). it would also have to be super expensive in spawn points to spawn with it. i would also not give it to the VIDAR, as that would lock it behind premium, but instead give it to the archer when that comes at a future top tier.

I love the ammunition types (Bonus, Excalibur etc.) but i dont think the game is ready for these type of ammunitions.

Good post anyhow!


And the glorious STRIX
They should just have a april fools event where we get access to these types of ammo and see where it leads


VIDAR will go to 12.3 with this one :Fire:

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isn’t that what most people want then xd