K2 Black Panther

Except for side composite armor(I’ve remember as K1 only has it), all things are what I’ve already know. But thanks for remember and call me XD

Votes yes if its added to a Japan and South Korea TT.

No if it goes anywhere else

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This suggestion/post is for Norway, so this one goes either to sweden or in any scandinavian related tt

Then consider my “yes” vote changed to “no”

Wish the poll stated where in-game not just in game in general.

It was mentioned in the description

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If you read the post you will see that the post is intended Norway ;)

For other countries there are other posts/suggestions for them :)

So there is no need for another poll than yes & no here

Its deception thats what it is, change the title, besides u having bunch of stuff wrong u gave it the exact same title as the other k2 black panther thread from david

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I named it the name it bears, wich is “K2 Black Panther” and i am not changing it.

Read the post, and it will very soon be clear what country the suggestion is for👍

Lot K2 hatred in the votes.
Obviously this should come, more K2 the better.

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+1 we need more Norwegian and Danish vehicles :D

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Since Norway chose Leopard, it should go rather Polish or Korea TT, not any other random country.
Adding vehicles that never had been really put in service nor developed in their country would ruin the point of the TT.

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Not when it is modified, this exact one only got a new heater and the Norwegian camouflage tough, but the other got more.

Many cases like that