Just remove the tree physics already

Gajin please for the love of god revert the changes to vegitation.

It is literally negatively affecting gemaplay. This is the worst change you made since Volumetric!


Why is it causing a problem?

Well firstly and most importantly.
They move and block your vision while they can be still for your enemies letting them see you.
They also are a lot more buggy, meaning Hitboxes move, physics go berserk and so on. Ofc you could try to fix that but considering Gajin has not fixed the “respawning trees and bushes bugs” in well over 5 years…No it will not be fixed.
And, for some, they absolutely tank FPS. Meaning at some point there will be a graphical steting which disables the animation. But in classical Gajin fashin this will not come as an on and off toggle but will be bound to sth like ultra low. Meaning you get even more advantages by simply having your game look like shit.

Then there is the fact that they just jitter about and don`t actually move like trees would. This was already perfectly fine with the old tree animations. Why change those to this?

I can not come up with a single reason as to why we would need this “feature” in the game. Normal base tree animations already did a perfect job for this game.

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Go ULQ, and modify your config file and you can simply turn the tress off to an extent entirely.


Like that is literally the thing I am complaining about. This should not be possible and the new trees just encurage the use of this. So remove the animatons

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Have you tried reporting these issues so others can tack on to it?

The thing is Gajin does not see them as issues… Because the way the trees work are in Gajins eyes “fine” and not a bug.

Gajin does not consider compromised gameplay due to features they added as bugs.
Otherwise we would not have Volumetric or RealShatter either. And even if it was real bugs like early Volumetric had or RealShatter cannons not having HE explosions for months. Gajin still claims there is not bug until there suddenly is. Or demand that you proof sth like “show data which proves that projectiles filled with HE and an impact fuse are capable of exploding” (this is not sth I made up this is sth they demanded of me when I pointed out that the HEI and HEF shells of the amercian and british 20mm cannons do not explode and deal 0 damage)

Again I want a removal and reversal to the old system. Not a bug fix. The new tree animations should not exist