Just make the Conqueror playable! Not even good, just playable!

I see a lot of people using this vehicle as a breakthrough tank which it was never designed as. The vehicle is good as a medium to long range overwatch tank the type that peaks over the hill when its time to shoot and then pulls back.

Even then, I have seen conquerors used effectively as close assault vehicles, and someone I know who has grinded through the British tree and says that it is scuffed almost the whole way through, really likes the Conqueror even though he plays it like an idiot so it is clearly doing something right.

The Conqueror also has a feature that it shouldnt have, but I wont give any hints for reasons. At the same time the round should do more damage, it seems like focus is placed on shot weight and diameter when it comes to AP damage, but in reality it shoots one of the heaviest subcaliber rounds in the game at a very high velocity, so it should be more consistent. APDS can sometimes crew wipe, the issue is that it needs room to disperse ive noticed, and it also needs a 6 on a dice roll too.

I did not use it as a breakthrough tank.
But it was horrible as a long(er) range support too thanks to the awful accuracy, trash pen, and damage.

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I wouldnt describe the gun as inaccurate nor would I ever describe it as having β€œtrash pen” the amount of vehicles that you cant deal with even in an uptier must be single digits bro, even stuff that you cant sloped pen you have BESH as an option as well, its not really a valid issue

It’s pen is bad, it is a fact. The armor is meh at the best, considering it can die to a 100mm HE shell frontally.

Oh man, either we aren’t even playing same tank or you are unluckiest Conqueror player in history of this game

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What do you mean?