Just get rid of up/down tiers for 9.0 - 12.0 (in the future)

Hello dear reader today id like you to hear a gameplay balance suggestion for top tier jets:

Completely remove The up/down tier system for 9.0 - 12.0
Now I know what you are thinking, and if I didn’t leave a comment and upvote this post to keep it alive.

1.But there are still aircraft at those Battle ratings that are completely broken!
2.This (insert Aircraft) sucks at its current Battle rating and is only fun in downtiers!

To that First:
There totally is, but gaijin is gonna continue to work with BR Decompression when they have fixed the economy. And when the SAAB Gripen comes this year I bet they have extended it to at least 15.0

(Hopefully otherwise the Gripen, and any other equivalent will be WAY to good and break that BR for a while)

Now the second:
This is a issue that is solved if a solution is found, alternatively the developers just forgot about that aircraft in question. There is a lot of aircraft in the game.

Now my reasoning for this extreme change is simple:
Vehicle that get downtiered Does Very well, and those that get uptiered not so much. This creates unfair advantages / disadvantages for the player. Yes may not make some things “historical” but to be honest this game already lost that title.

I’ll go with a classic example
In ww2 a Sherman with a 75mm short gun could face a Tiger II was this fair:
No of course it wasn’t but it happened, is this good for a game especially War thunder where most players don’t know the concept of teamwork. and the motto “Best teamwork is no teamwork” was born.

I will leave that for you the viewer to answer here:

  • Yes
  • No

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would most likely be a very early variant of Gripen with nerfed loadouts

I think instead of entirely removing the 1.0 battle rating incline/decline possibility to instead bring the number down to a 0.7 incline/decline in battle rating possibility. This in my opinion, would bring the best of both worlds - less tougher opponents to face & still keeping a good matchmaking time.


I think it should be configurable. Where you can choose the size of the gap from 0.3 to 1.0 difference. That way the player base can choose if they want a longer wait time for a game, but guarantee that they arent massively handicapped.


This feels like a good thing. If your aircraft can handle up tiers you can set it to 1.0 but if you are stock you can set it to 0.3 / 0.7

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Yep, most aircraft, tanks, etc can handle 0.3 without issue, 0.7 with a bit of a challenge, but its the 1.0 differences that I think are the biggest problem. I’d probably always leave it at 0.7, unless like you said, you were spading a vehicle.

for air, I pretty much only play SB, so that I can pick the bracket im playing it, without having to deal with RNG, but in GRB im constantly finding myself against 10.7/11s in a 10.0 tank and I get destroyed easily

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Also there is not enough aircraft for BR 15.0
Also Gripen is barely better than 12.0s even with AMRAAMs.

@Imaflyingturkey AMRAAMs and 9Ls, accurate to what it gets.

@TheRealAJR 0.7 would require BR compression.

0.7 would require BR compression.

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He means compression because there will be less BR levels in a match compared to 1.0 matchmaking. 0.7 matchmaking has 3 levels a vehicle can go at, and 1.0 has 4 levels. I don’t think calling it compression is the correct way of stating that tho.

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I have time to explain this further, but Protogen understands it as well.
I also posted that on July 25th before I changed my terminology to better assist in understanding.
So… the explanation.

Matchmaker with 4 levels allows 4 degrees of separation between 4 different but similar enough vehicles to face each other.
Vs 3 levels that’ll have to compress those 4 different but similar enough vehicles to face each other.

Yes, before someone brings up 5 levels, or 1.3, there is not enough evidence per-decompression to warrant 5 levels of separation for 5 vehicles.

So you ultimately end up with the BR ceiling reduced to keep already balanced vehicles in-line with each other, as there is not enough imbalance that would have even most vehicles balanced after such a change.

Whilst getting rid of uptier/downtier for such a wide bracket might cause issues. You could favour the matchmaking at max tier to be on max tier.

Take planes. Br12 can only see 11-12s due to nothing being higher currently. This can mean anyone playing 11-11.3 see 12s quite often.

If the MM favoured / had the option for 12 only or 11.7-12 only brackets then it would reduce the pressure on 11-11.3s that can really suck