Just for the sake of trees and having no line of sight

…your maps are so unrealistic, even in the middle of towns and sites bushes bushes bushes, or right on the streets and directly next to the streets/pathes where in relaity would be no tree at all or at least more distance to the road. also the density on every map is exeragated.
Or geeting sniped from an elevated spot, beeing behind some cover and trying to peek around corner a freakin bush u placed there, litarally you designed the maps to force people just hit W key and lets see who has better armor. USeless bushes (useless for you because mostly openfield or near own spawn) i can shoot with any mg but hey, 100meters ahead on a crucial spot where i need a view, the very freakin same bush graphics model withstands even atillary ! Also trees, i can rollover with a light tanks or mow it down with MG and the very same type of tree on a different spot i cant, even on the same map. its so freakin anoying what you did to the maps in the last 2 years…and newly you made some a great map a pancake with no cover whatsoever or on other big maps you now have to go in a CQC because everywhere is a ditch, canal or hill now.


The amount of bushes is totally fine IMO (with the one exception of that town, the one in Fire Arc and a couple other maps, where it’s like 95% bushes by square meter) but yes they should all consistently respond to XYZ weapons or not.

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