Just add Ukraine to the Swedish tech tree

Just a discussion because why not
Do you want to have Ukraine as a sub tree to Sweden

  • Yes
  • No

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Why to sweden? besides that sweden is already full with sweden, norwegian and finland.

Currently Ukraine has no place in the game, we first need to fill out israel, japan, italien before any new nation as a stand alone tree gets added


Because I love drama and this will bring drama also where else will they go

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Add Ukraine to the Turkish tech tree. ;)


What Turkish tree I don’t see one did you or are you dreaming

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Why Sweden? I would like to see a separate Ukrainian tree. If not, maybe in a Polish tree.


Just add it to USSR, it is literally where it fits like a glove.

It would make 1000000X more sense than T-90 in british tree

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic - Wikipedia


Im sure sweden makes more sense, lmao

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Or maybe let your country become part of Russia?

  1. my country is not ukraine so please explain why it becoming a part of russia is related to adding ukraine to the russian tree ingame?

  2. if russia annexed new zealand, it would be a upgrade lmfao


Doesnt matter in the context of adding ukraine as a subtree to russia. Do you think that south africa wanted to be colonized by britain? or India? obviously not but we add their vehicles to the british tree because sensible people realize that this is a video game and their vehicles fit better there. same with ukraine. would fit better as a ussr subtree than anywhere else, adding them to sweden is laughable


i mean it was in the past lmao and it doesnt look like the war is going great right now so idk

And I mean, if you are throwing around my lands like that, then I can wish that your country would become part of Russia in the same way.

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lol that works


Please stop the flame war no please no political discussion I have more then enough with trump and Biden in the USA.

Make no sense.
Ukraine should be in USSR tech tree.
Stop talking about USSR tree has been Russian tree. Just count how many USSR vehicles in tree and how many Russian Federation vehicles in tree.
It’s just a game, stop bringing politics issue here.


he can say that under freedom of speech.
just ignore it.

Imo ppl who dont support freedom of speech shouldnt be priviliged with freedom of speech.

trust me id take away that freedom from too many who dont deserve it, but alas,
one could say who are we to judge
how can you judge so many?
its quite flawed in a sense

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Well its a work for the judges. And imo it should be a conviction for people displaying public support for regimes without freedom of speech for example