Just add Ukraine to the Swedish tech tree

lol they’d resign with the number of cases theyd get after this becomes law.

dont read if you are not ÖL

i kinda agree, but then people will argue that they dont hold the same values as ‘us’ and shouldnt be discriminated due to that or they may hold different interpretations of freedom of speech, like how the fr*nch Gov is most hypocritical when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of dress, but then, thats their values ig

Ukraine is a successor state to the USSR just like Russia and Ukrainian tanks and modernisations of Soviet vehicles should be in the USSR tech tree just like Russia, but with a Ukrainian flag, just how it is ingame with Russia, South Africa etc.

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I have a feeling of déjà vu, I’ve seen this discussion before…

If Ukraine is going to be a subtree it should go to either a future Polish/Czecho-Polish or future Romanian TT since they needed it more than Sweden does

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And what connection has ukraine to the scandinavian countries? Some od the dumbest ideas i have heard exept an idea to add Danish vehicles to germany xd

Swedish tree either only sweden and finland or as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland

BlusteryBark6 got his drama.

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Yeah, it makes sense to be in the Soviet tech tree. Cause what few vehicles Ukraine developed on its own are modifications of soviet vehicles.

What is the reason to have Ukraine in the Swedish tree? That now it is given CV-90 and Leopards? Frankly this can of worms was opened by Gaijin by adding copy-paste tanks to everyone in their normal trees. The argument makes sense in this context as the ukrainian tech line in the swedish tree will be a bunch of copy-paste soviet vehicles > the original ukrainian ones like btr4, t-64bv/mv, t-84. t-84 oplot-m > western copy-paste lend-lease. Like the Swedish tree doesn’t look disgusting enough with all the non-swedish/finnish vehicles already (/sarcasm).
As a side-note, I’d rather Gaijin filled the ranks of needy nations like Japan, France, Sweden, Italy with paper vehicles than have shermans and t-34s everywhere (which make every tech tree ugly and unoriginal). Also as the same side-note what little Israel original vehicles have should be part of American tree and this separate nation removed. (same with China in the Soviet tree)

So, yeah, an ukrainian line would look better in the Soviet tree, just don’t give it these westen lend-lease tanks.

Add it to British or US TT simple since they are big supporter or just put random BS into one TT and call it Eastern Europe and call it a day




Lets add it to the Soviet Tree for maximum drama then.

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As a Sweden main i approve
It doesn’t make sense but damn the drama is gonna be awesome

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I have a much better idea, add it to the Israel tree. The tears will never stop dropping.

Nah, you’d run the risk of making Israel into a good tree.

Lol, someone cant handle the truth and flagged my post. Who thought it would be a good idea to put Ukraine in Sweeden? They have no ralation what so ever. It would be the same as putting Ukraine in Japan or something like that.


Exactly why I made the suggestion the drama will be great