Just a question about if anyone agrees these things would be a good add on

So I’ve been thinking this applies for helicopters to and what I’m talking about is I think they should make it a option to where if your playing top tier Russia (for example) the voice warning thing can be selected to be translated to english(or what ever your native language is ) so that you wouldn’t be totally confused on what it’s saying (topic 1/2). Another thing I think would be cool for the game is in Sim battles and operation maps if they added a air tanker system so you could do that because it’s kinda boring to have the probes modeled but not be able to use them and yes I know about drop tanks but those can only go so far plus after they’re dropped unless you return to base you only have what’s in your internal tanks and for example say you dropped them and had a long fight / battle/ bombing run (depends on the situation) and have to get back to base but your realize you don’t have enough fuel even if you conserve it and throttle down what can you do other than crashing and giving up which having air tankers would help hugely on that in my opinion I’m open for opinions/ debates