Jungle map

Can i ask WHY!!! was it necessary to completely ruin this map ?.
It was a perfectly good map for battles flanking and defensive positions , attack points ,but now ruined and turned into a garbage map only fit for training purposes .
Just like world of tanks war thunder is becoming another tank game that can only stop criticism by turning all maps into bloody funnel ones that are boring , one way in one way out once you get the cap you may as well log out .The whole atmosphere of this map is gone to be replaced by a training map for newbies


What was changed?
(Don’t get this map a lot for some reason)


Gaijin removed flanking/sniping position on top of the rocks at the “bottom” of the map.
Pretty much the usual trying to make a funnel map where everyone “have” to face each other head on.

I haven’t gotten this map in like 6 months and its one of my favorite maps

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where you could snipe the C point from the hill top and from behind the southern spawn just to the left of the spawn point behind the rocks .Now all the access to them and the positions to defend from has been blocked off even the the spawn facing C the ability to flank behind the rocks and get shots from the far left of C has been blocked off in fact the whole map now is one death trap funnel map depending on which side you spawn

not the same map you liked now total funnel map


There’s a whole ass map for you to play elsewhere lol

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didnt know that thanks

no it is they just made a new variant

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first game back after a break and i get a team of lower then average players between lvl 5 upwards who wanna fly instead of capping facing a team of lvl 96 plus so much for bloody balanced MM

The MM isn’t balanced, it’s just random.

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random unbalanced you mean
so far ive had 4 games each a fail over half of these teams consists of players straight from air battles at lvl 3 and playing 3.0 Br how balanced is that?