JULY 4th

what kind of event/ decal does everyone think we will get for the 4th of July?

I hope this one.


wha… why…? that looks so wrong with the face and then the snail eyes and I cannot unsee it…filthy frank confused scream Meme Generator


I am really hoping for the P-38K of P-47M to be on sale!

Also, no matter what the decal is, it’ll never live up to the 2021 decal.

I love the 'merica decals.


'MERICA!! Land of McDonalds and freedom fries!

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Why should there be an event?


event, as in if any what would it be?

I would love to have him as a decal, but I guess copyright and seriousness will not allow for it :(


I guess not but this would be cool
USAF Tactical Air Command Emblem


ooooooh that’s nice!

Also my guess is something like this
816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron PVC Patch, 4th of July, Color ...

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Lol yeah 😂😭

Yes! That’s awesome!

Instead of a decal it would make a great PFP option - maybe have it automatically apply if you have more than 2 collisions with other aircraft.


I hope for the P-38K to be back. That thing is a monster. And yeah, the 2021 decal is the most American thing I’ve ever seen lmao.

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Yeah that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve only seen once in a match that I can remember, and I got shredded by it😂

Might be the first P-38 I take time to really learn

Heck yeah!

Oh maybe the D-10 could go on sale too

It’s a P-38 with an extra 1700 hp per engine.

Jeez… I knew they were upgraded engines, but not THAT upgraded…