Ju 288 C worth it for 30% off?

Is this worth buying or should I wait general sales? I’m relatively new so idk if its a terrible deal, all I know is that the Ju 288 C is good for SL.

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They may well drop that to 50% off for the Christmas sales. I am pretty sure they did last year. They offered it to me as well.

Neat plan to get people to buy things at 30% off just two weeks before they drop everything to 50%


I bought one in 2019 (?) on an inactive account and stopped playing it due to changes of game mechanics and countless open and hidden nerfs.

Actually i would not use it (at least in Air RB) - even i would get one for free on this account. It was an excellent aircraft - able to turnfight with some fighters, good damage model, good defensive guns combined with excellent speed and dive speeds.

You might want to read this thread and come to your own conclusion after reading this:

For a new player looking for a rather low skill grinding tool - imho the best German prop grinder. With some practice you can survive a bomb run to kill a base, return to your main airfield and jump out after repairing. 2nd runs are almost useless, from a pure grinding perspective it makes more sense to jump to the next match…