JPK-90 - Belgian Jagdpanzer with lasers

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The JPK-90 was the Belgian designation for the Hanomag-Henschel JPz 4-5. Indeed, Germany was not the only user of the Kanonejagdpanzer, as the Belgian army ordered 80 vehicles, and proceeded to modify them, which will make quite a big difference in War Thunder’s context.

The Belgian JPK-90 was in service from 1973 to 1989 and used a simplified version of their SABCA fire control system already in use on their Leopards. It included a laser rangefinder, sensors, an analogue computer and an optical sight. As such, a Belgian gunner had a much easier time than a German one!
In-game, the laser rangefinder would certainly warrant an increase in BR, probably to 7.0 or 7.3.

Another difference with the standard JPz 4-5 was the usage of the complete Renk transmission, final drive, suspension and tracks from the Marder IFV.
There are also two hydraulic clutches that have been fitted to the transmission, allowing for very sharp turns at all speeds.

Instead of using a searchlight on the back like the German vehicles, Belgian JPKs mounted two Lyran flare launchers on the roof.

Other than these few but important changes, no modifications have been made to the armor, armament or engine.
The armor is still relatively weak, only stopping autocannon rounds and perhaps bouncing some lucky shots on the mantlet.
Mobility would of course stay very good, and perhaps even better with the tweaked transmission and final drive!




90 mm BK90 cannon (ammo: 51)

  • M431 HEAT-FS: 320 mm RHA, 1216 m/s
  • DM502 HESH: 102 mm RHA, 853 m/s
  • M71 HE: 20 mm RHA, 823 m/s

Reloading rate: 7.2 → 5.6 s

2 x 7.62 mm machine guns

Horizontal guidance: -15 / 15°
Vertical guidance: -8 / 15°
8 x smoke grenade launcher
Stabiliser: no
Laser rangefinder: yes
Night vision sights: yes


30 - 50 mm RHA


MB 837 engine (500 hp)
Max. speed: 70 km/h
Power to weight ratio: 19.6 hp per ton


4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)


Mass: 25.5 t
Length: 8.75 m
Width: 2.98 m
Height: 2.08 m

So while it might not look very different from the JPz 4-5 in game, its laser rangefinder will surely make a difference when sniping enemies across the map!

Playstyle shouldn’t be very different; you must use your speed, quick reload and laser rangefinder in order to succeed in this lightly armored tank destroyer!

However, as stated earlier, the certainly increased BR compared to the German JPz 4-5 would maybe make for a slightly adjusted playstyle, but nothing too drastic.

It would be very nice to see in a Benelux tree or Belgian subtree, or of course it could be added to Germany.



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I like it a lot! +1

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+1 for BeNeLux tree or a Belgian subtree elsewhere!

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Sure but 6.7 or 7.0 is a hilariously low suggestion. The current 4-5 should be 6.7 because it gets HEATFS, a LRF at 6.7 or even 7 is criminal. 7.7 imo. I think theres less vehicles that have LRFs than do even up to 8.3


Did the Belgians ever use any kinetic penetrator rounds for this vehicle? That’s one of the weaknesses of the vehicle in the German tree that it only has HEAT/HESH rounds.

Hm, i’m not aware of anything regarding kinetic rounds for this vehicle, it would be quite surprising tbh

+1 at 7.3-7.7 for a BeNeLux tree

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IKV 91 has an LRF and 90mm HEAT-FS in a turret at 7.7, therefore this should be 7.3 as it is a casemate.

why not add it to France?

Could add it to France but as they didn’t use or design it, unless a Belgian subtree was to come to France it’d make less sense than Germany


I meant to mention adding Belgium to France as a sub, but I forgot. Sorry.

Right, I made a suggestion about that too ;)