Joins ground battle, booted shortly after

Please let me know what files I need to upload because as of now I can only enter a match for less than a 30 seconds before the game crashes, no log, no bug report prompt, just sad ):

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Same here. Back to desktop within a miniute. Not messing with anything. Gonna let Gaijin figure it out. Might try a different Tank tree for grins.

That’s an interesting thought you have there, but I don’t think the nation/lineup will change it.

Hope something becomes clear for some with the issue.

Go to your war thunder folder and in War Thunder\win32 right click on the aces.exe, go to properties then compatibility and check “Run this program in compatibility mode” and on the drop down menu select windows 7, apply, ok and then run the aces.exe in the win32 folder, it will ask you to run the launcher press no and then another pop up will appear press ok, then log in and done.

Yea, you’ll wanna note that you’ve done that, and remember to remove that later. Maybe try that next run of the game.

What’s that popup say?

i tried works, i will un do everything once gaijin fixes it.
the popup says something like your client may not be up to date blah blah pressing no option just boots up the game

The reason I’m querying this, is because this could be an extension of the solution that we have.

Some have the EAC folder deletion fixing them, but those few that are left could have this ‘kick’ into the launcher, that could fix thier issue just by that.

The reversal of that setting after this could be something to actually check because it’s not good to have that set for long term as it gets forgotten about and can cause issues elsewhere later.

Awesome stuff though, hope more have luck with this new found info.

yea, i mean its hard to forget since i have to run the aces.exe everytime and wait for the prompt to select no, its a slow annoying process, i will keep a lookout on update logs, sooner back to normal the better.

oh yeah the prompt also says the game is not supported in win32, you would just ignore it

Gosh, I am glad I am not the only person with this issue. Hope Gaijin will recognise this issue and provide a fix.

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lol, that’s a good one xD via a 32bit exe…

I sadly have tired many things including this to no avail:

Restarting computer 3 times
Updating drivers
Reinstalling the game
Snailinium’s Fix
Several different patches
Clear browser caches

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Randomly, maybe install to a new folder?

Been having the exact same issue since installing the recent update/patch. Never had this level of instability. Literally can only play for 1 minute before it crashes, or its more like it closes as Warthunder doesn’t even prompt to send crash reports to Gaijin. No idea whats happening, hopefully a hotfix can go out. I’m on a RTX 3070 mobile btw, and other than the update to the game, i’ve literally done nothing to my system which has been incredibly stable.

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kind of the same for me crash after starting a battle but when i go check my files i find dumpstack in there so i deleted war thunder from my pc not going to let someone dumping threads on my system

What even is this?

All you likely even needed to do was clear your cache folder in the game folder.