JH7A can use GB series guided bombs, PL12, and the KH29T, discuss which mounts jH7A should have

I am writing this article mainly to prove that JH7A has the ability to mount and use these weapons.

I don’t expect to add all of these weapons in next update, I just hope that the weapons equipped for JH7A in War Thunder are worth the BR it is located in.

Of course, I will also express my attitude towards whether to add these weapons. So let’s start.

      The GB guided bomb series

The GB series guided bombs, also known as TIANGE series guided bombs were launched by Harbin Jiancheng Group Co., Ltd. The entire series covers 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, and 1000 kg levels.

There are four laser guidance modes, namely the first generation laser beacon seeker, the second generation using gyroscope stabilization system and proportional guidance law, the third generation seeker with scanning, preset, and automatic tracking functions, and the fourth generation adding GPS/INS guidance on top of the third generation.



JH7A carries GB500(GB1), GB1000(GB5). And an unknown model of glide guided bomb, possibly GB2A.

The hanger under the wing tip of JH7A can also carry guided bomb.


The GB series guided bombs have more advanced guidance methods, and the LS-500J equipped with Q-5L does not have the IOG.

so it is necessary to add a new type of guided bomb to the JH7A in BR 11.7.


JH7A can indeed use PL12, It’s just that JH7A rarely has the opportunity to use PL12.

The main tasks of JH7A are ground strike and anti ship operations, and they do not actively participate in air combat.

Therefore, they usually use large inventory PL5 and PL8 for self-defense. This does not mean that JH7A cannot use pl12.


Although JH7A can use PL12, But I do not think it is necessary to add PL12 to JH7A at the moment.

JH7A was not originally used for air combat, and if the BR of JH7A needs to increase in the future, it can be given.

 Air to ground missiles and anti-ship missiles

The last thing to talk about is the JH7A’s air to ground missiles and anti-ship missiles.

The main anti ship missiles used by JH7A are YJ83K, as well as YJ91 anti radiation/anti ship missiles.
But anti-ship missiles are currently of little use in WarThunder, so let’s not talk about this now.


The most important are air to ground missiles: KD88 and kh29T.

The KD88 is developed from the YJ83 anti-ship missile and adopts a conventional aerodynamic layout.

The four leading edge swept tangential triangular wings in the middle of the missile body and the rudder surface at the rear of the missile body are in an X-shaped configuration.

It uses a turbojet engine and has a maximum range of up to 180 kilometers, but compared to the YJ83, the inlet changes are greater.


In 1999, China purchased the Su30MKK customized by Russia according to China’s requirements, and together they purchased many Russian made ammunition, including the KH29T.

Later, with the large-scale service of JH7A, PLA made improvements to JH7A’s adaptability to Russian made ammunition, allowing JH7A to use these inventory of Russian made ammunition.



Considering the relatively long range of the KD88, it can already be considered as a Standoff strike weapon, so it is not suitable to join at the moment.

But KH29T can be completely added to JH7A, and It already exists in the game. JH7A can carry four KH29T air-to-ground missiles.

I think as a fighter bomber in BR11.7 only guided bombs can be used is not worth. So I hope Gaijin can add KH29T to JH7A.


All evidence that have been presented for PL11 / PL12 have been rejected by Gaijin, so there is very low chance of adding it.
We can still hope for the adding of Kh29T and GB series bombs


Also, besides GB1000, I see there is another 1000kg guided bomb, the YJ1000, that has recently come into service. Do you know if this has similar capabilities as GB1000?


I found its video.

【中国兵器 北方工业:精准毁伤弹药-精确制导炸弹导弹云箭系列-哔哩哔哩】 中国兵器 北方工业:精准毁伤弹药-精确制导炸弹导弹云箭系列_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


The photo of it launching the Sparrow is photoshopped. The JH-7A cannot, and has not launched PL-11. It can only fire the PL-12 in regards to radar missiles in active duty… and the PL-17/21/XX whatever it is called was tested on it. There are no SARH options.


That photo processed by PS?
All right, at least the picture of PL12 is real.

So, let me revise the article

First off. Spoilers. Makes posts like this so much easier to read

Secondly. Word of warning, the more its got, the higher its BR. PL-12s for example, would probably end up with it at 12.3+. So just be sure you want it there first before asking for it.

As for other A2G, some might be reasonable additions but others might be a tad too strong. But if you have verified evidence for it, you should submit a bug report for it. Devs dont look at the forum, so only way is a bug report. Though for some additions, they might have been added during the aircrafts service life but that is no guarantee of them being added. The aircraft might be modeled around a certain time-frame, like when it entered service

As for ASMs those are missing from most aircraft unfortunately at the moment

You can write an issue focus on individual weapon. As a Chinese TT player I especially wanna see the GB series guiding bomb in the game.
Btw, plz write independent issue instead of a complex in here, the forum. ‘cause Gaijin doesn’t attach importance to the forum, use issue website instead.


I’ve seen this bomb called multiple things, the YJ-1000, YL-5, CS/BBD4, YL-V601.
Here’s it at the 2020 Zhuhai airshow with some other bombs in the same family: Zhuhai Air Show 2020 | Page 54 | Sino Defence Forum - China Military Forum

Good finding. I wonder what is the datamined LS1000J bomb Gaijin planned. IIRC, there was not a 1000kg class guided bomb from the old LT series that LS500J came from. Realistically, Gaijin has to choose between either GB1000 or YJ1000, right?


Adding the X-29T to the JH-7A makes sense, given that the aircraft already has BR 11.7, which is higher than the MiG-27K.
I’m not an active land vehicle player, so this is my personal opinion - if in the future War Thunder decides to add anti-radiation missiles to some of its aircraft, then the JH-7A will also get the YJ-91, which is the X-31P’s Chinese production version.

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There is a potential buff for the GB series is that these bombs may use CL-20 as explosive material, which has been produced for a long time in low cost…

“HMS tested on JH-7A is compatible with air-to-air/surface missiles, and it is also compatible with airborne sensors such as radars and electro-optics so that the sensors are slaved to HMS, enabling the fast tracking and aiming of the weaponry” why wasnt the hms added though on it?


The 🐌 had the last conscience! We don’t need Kh-29, YJ-91 or HMS .
I’d rather not have them than have to increase BR by adding them: 3

Sadly looks like the devs dont care at all about realism/accuracy anymore.

Why not. As an attacker it is without doubt that many would take it to ground RB and Chinese has no 11.3 lineup. It is going to top tier battles anyway.

but most of china player want, that make JH7A kill ground faster, or you can find any ground vehicles in BR11.3? if you cant that JH7A will still the 11.7 in fact