Jh7 is wrongly made it misses its functions 90%

Jh7 is missing a tons of thing starting with the pl11 capabilities and no HMS and jh7 cant carry pl8A-s only pl8Bs same as j8f and even have MAW on the back of the aircraft rudder, Gaijin must fix these issues or they did no work at all on jh7a, its not hate just some boreness since 5 patches straight there is no work in the vehicles just copy pasting etc. JH-7A could be good but it lacks a lot of things Like the HMS the TWS even the ground radar capabilities and even in fact JH-7A was a test vehicle for pl11 ARH variants (never in service) but in fact the jl10 radar can guide it so gaijin must consider this and in the other hand JH-7A cannot carry the PL5cs just because pl5cs production is basically stopped before jh7A that means JH-7A only able to carry the PL-5DE or E variants

According to pictures you posted JH-7 didnt carry Pl-11’s.

Pictures only mention that it can theoretically carry but unless you have solid proof gaijin will not add those missiles to JH-7.

I have already seen similar evidence on carrying radar guided missiles, and it is definately true that JH7A at least should have radar guided missiles and more domestic weaponary.