JGSDF UH-2 Utility Helicopter

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UH-2 is a new utility helicopter developed as a successor to the UH-1J and based on the Subaru Bell 412EPX.
The first production aircraft made its first flight on May 19, 2022.
It is expected that 152 aircraft will be acquired by the end of FY2028.
UH-2 can be equipped with MAWS, RWR, and CMD as options, thus providing high survivability.
Armed with a Type 87 mine-dispersal system and a door gun, it may be able to be equipped with rocket pods.

◎Utility helicopter


・length: 17.13m
・width: 2.89m
・height: 4.54m
・wheight: 5534kg
◎Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6T-9 engine x2
・Takeoff Power : 928shp
・Maximum Continuous power: 835shp
◎Max Speed: 259km/h

・Type 87 Mine Dispersal System

Photo by ISI RNT81
・(76mm Hydra70)
UH-2 has never been equipped with rocket pods, though,
but rocket pods are possible because they use the same pylons as the Type 87 mine-dispersal system.
In warthunder it would work as a rocket helicopter.

JGSDF is considering arming its Utility helicopters so they may be fitted with armament like the Bell 412M in the future

◎FLIR turret


◎glass cockpit

◎Web Sources
SUBARU 陸上自衛隊新多用途ヘリコプター(UH-2)量産初号機を納入 | ニュースリリース | 株式会社SUBARU(スバル)
スバル新型ヘリの高機動っぷりがスゴイ! UH-2「ハヤブサ」 UH-1Jと見た目ほぼ同じ 何が違う? | 乗りものニュース
◎JGSDF Specifications
R3801 87式地雷散布装置(ヘリコプター用)
C4506 87式ヘリコプター散布対戦車地雷


+1 but as a folder with the other Japanese UH-1.
Another rocket pod only armed Huey isn’t so important to get in the way of grinding the rest.



You could prob go for HOSS or OMS as both are compatible with 412 models which the UH-2 is.

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No offence, but this really does seem like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Rocket-armed only helicopters have generally been poorly received and I don’t see how this would be any different.

I’m rather interested in the mine dispersal system and the improved flight performance and countermeasure systems compared to the UH-1B seem very interesting to me too.

I’d say foldered with the UH-1B would be the perfect spot for it.

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The helicopter looks great, but for Japanese tech tree we would need something with better armament than the UH-1B, otherwise it will just be another copy vehicle for UH-1B with the same downsides.

Does it have CCIP for them rockets? Cuz if it doesn’t, It will just stay on the tech tree collecting dust. I flown the UH-1B but a lot of the times it doesn’t do well. Sooo I probably wont use it at all. If it can carry other armaments for offensive role, then maybe yes.

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ohh, if it can carry these then heck yea

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Yeah but most of UH1 doesn’t have any laser designator (this one too) and they were not used by japan.

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