JGSDF Sakuraboshi

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Hello, and welcome to the suggestion for the Japan Ground Self Defense Force’s Sakuraboshi, or Cherry Blossom Star, emblem, often found on the front of vehicles. This is a fairly iconic symbol for Japanese tanks of the Cold War and Modern Era, and I believe this would be a good addition for Japanese tankers who like to make their vehicles look true to life, or just want to have a nice looking decal on their vehicle.

Brief History


The Sakura is an extremely important symbol in Japan, and has been in use by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force nearly since its founding.

Originally, the Sakuraboshi had a larger form, before a switch was made to a smaller version. These were, and still are, typically found on the upper front plate of Japanese armored vehicles.


This was not limited to tanks, however, with a number of other types of vehicles bearing the Sakuraboshi.


Very pretty! +1

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I would love this Combined together with this one:

Since Japan doesent had a vehicle of those, those could be brought back, and an additional Japanese vehicle could added to this.

Adding an Low Tier Japanese Premium Tank which Includes a decal simmiliar to the british low tier premium tank decal
(e.g. Adding the Cherry blossom Star as single decal, and as an Decal combined with generic Vehicle Numbers, as the modern JGSDF use it.)

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.