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3.5 actually

What do you guys think of giving the Type 10 a “rapid fire mode” in the future when stronger MBTs are added?
At least it seems like the Type 10 might be able to reload even faster then the regular 3-4secs we have seen, such as videos like the one below where the gun is reloaded in around over a second…in WT this would be similar to helicopters that can change fire modes, with the Type 10 if you use this mode you will run out of ammo fast and they can also add the overheat mechanic to this gun maybe after 4 or 5 shots.

The benefits would be that the Type 10 would be extremely dangerous in close quarters due to that reload but you would have to watch your gun from overheating.


Do you think it’s possible to reload faster? or is it something else?

3.4 second loading speed is real, but I still have my doubts about being able to fire in 2 seconds.

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We don’t have propper transmission, no armor, no spaa right now when we need at least something
Also look at italy with their ~10.0 tank at 11.3

We are not getting a single thing when they release t90 and such unless we create shitstorm big enough

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Can I just say, the Type 74 horsepower buff is awesome

They have been transformed from sluggish, awkward vehicles to play into something that I am finally able to have fun with again, which is absolutely awesome because they were the entire reason I ground out the japanese tech tree in the first place.

Mobility has been greatly improved, despite the still low reverse speed. While I still think they struggle within their BR, they have become much more playable again, because they were practically unplayable before.


Even type74 have better acceleration then type10 now, what a joke

is it me or the tow-2 launch zone of the ah-1s is higher now?
the lowest zone is at the 0° so if you are slightly above the battlefield, you need to guide the tow from above to below, which mean crazy tow movement.
just why?

Its launch zone, not guidance zone, just angle for a second to launch it properly then go back into horisontal

Type 11 as possible SPAA and other vehicle suggestions here in case someone missed this sub-forum like I did

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^A new (old and repurposed) topic for Japanese Tags and Topics that don’t fit in this page.

^Cool & Somewhat relaxing video which gives some nice angles of the type 10 (Including the underside of the turret), as well as good audio and visuals.


yeah? i write it like that too…

what i meant was i felt like the previous launch zone was lower than the currently 0° on the lowest launch zone.
maybe i was mistaken, it’s not like the ah-1s a good helicopter anyways. especially the atgm guidance changes.

Lovely, in the latest BR changes all Type 74’s will go to 9.0.

I would like to see the loading speed of the type74 and type16 to be less than 6 seconds.
I think it is strange that the loading speed is slower than the 120mm gun.


Maybe it’s a balancing factor or has something to do with the ergonomics of the vehicle.
2nd gen MBT like the Leo1, type 74, amx-30, have less room internally then the 3rd gen mbt’s like the leopard2, M1, etc.

both loaders are standing, but i’ve been inside a leo 2 turret in a museum and the loader has quite a bit of room to move and turn around to get rounds. also saw the cut away in Munster tank museum of the leo 1, not as much room as i mentioned.

as mentioned i suspect it’s a balancing factor, like with the oscillating turrets on the AMX-13, they should be able to load faster but i think they balanced it, to add the reload feature, which would normally be done out of combat and could only be done from the outside, taking several minutes to do.

Standards for tanks with manual loading (Type 61 / Type 74) already found, they indicate 10-15 rounds per minute. It`s just regular “balance” edits of the snail.

omg, facing so many T-72 TURMS in my Type-74 is NOT FUN


it’s me or Vikhr didn’t trigger LWR today?
i think there’s a bug where it didn’t trigger properly?