Jets and helicopter camping on #2 spawning points

This shouldn’t be allowed to happen in realistic battle it’s BS and there should be air defenses on these spawning points that actually work like air-to-air missiles in realistic mode anyway and the quicker the war Thunder Fixes this the more enjoyable the game would be we wouldn’t have to worry about spawn campers it would be a deterrent! And they do need to lower the spawn point rates for helicopters and yes helicopters should be able to go right into the game at the start of it just like any Tank with the highest caliber of missiles not just rockets and machine guns

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One more Night of Punks Camping Helo Port #2

We used to have working AAA there. The result was that helicopters were sitting inside a protective bubble slinging missiles at tanks while being nearly untouchable.

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Well, bring back the working AAA needs to be brought back and that’s why there are active anti-aircraft units that have missiles on opposing teams that need to be played at the start of every game not just Tanks! But for the enemy to sit and Camp on a helicopter airfield is BS and should not be allowed to happen in this game it’s a cheat in the story and if you can’t see that I think I’ll start doing it if this is the way you kids are going to play this and I won’t let anything get off the ground and we’ll see how you all like it!!