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Actually, PV-2 is a good vehicle for Air RB too

Speaking of guided Japanese weaponry, I would like to see the Ki-147 on the Ki-67’s

also i wonder what aircraft/aircrafts would use the Ke-Go guided weapon

The Ki-148 was trialed on the Ki-48 but the Ki-102 is confirmed to be the intended or the only intended aircraft we know to use the Ki-148, also give the Ki-102 it’s bombs and AP &/or APHE rounds for the 57mm cannon


Ke-Go / Maru-Ke was an Army weapon and dropped by Ki-67 with one under the belly***

made an error due to confusing wording in a document

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I made a bug post awhile back claiming that the EJ Kai needs to be equipt with AAM-3s if anyone wants to sign it:


(Plus) any documents that state or include the AAM-3 on the EJ would be great to be posted on there


Nice but it will most likely be closed as “not a bug” but maybe passed as a suggestion.


Japanese Weapons Master Thread got deleted???

Nope, dead link it seems (fixed)

Here you go


Which reminds me i have to update some of my threads lol

This was posted on the old forum but I thought I’d bring it here for the newcomers.

Essentially, they’re scrapping the heli fleet and moving to UAVs.


yup any hope for domestic or even new foreign choppers are out :(


Was just on the dev server and saw that KI-148 have gotten it’s own icon and also F-104J have gotten a slight buff as it now can carry 6x missiles instead of 4x


I just wish it would get it’s zunis, 19 shot hydras, and bombs.

Agree on that, Would be a nice small buff as i personally would use it a bit more as it’s a nice looking jet with some of the skins it has.

hello everyone, I have a question how to play f-1 if I play 90% against mig-21 bis (USSR, Germany, Sweden), Su-25, a-10, mig-23. What am I supposed to do, my God, against their missiles flying all over the field? In the end, I can’t even respond with my aim-9L, because there aren’t any to react to rivals somehow.

After all these years…

Indeed, lots of time toiling with the information provided in the F-104J manual I have. This is actually my first post on the new forums, you guys will start to see reposts of my old suggestions soon.


I don’t think Japanese F-104J’s carried bombs but they did carry more rockets (larger FFAR Mighty mouse rocketpods), possibly Zuni’s as well.

The thing i want to know is that if Japanese F-104’s can carry CM’s

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It’s been mentioned before that they possibly had them inside the airbreaks but no mention of what they are.

I have some books on the F-104 that mentions bombs being available. As for CMs there is like fireraid said or they could just give it G CMs and the transition for G to J didn’t touch anything other than remove the CCIP computer. The F-104J can also carry an ECM pod called the J/ALQ-4.