JAS39 Gripen: The Ultimate Nordic Warbird

The JAS39 Gripen is the latest multirole jet fighter developed by Saab and fielded by the Swedish air force. Striking not only in appearance but also in its capability, the Gripen will soon represent the pinnacle of Swedish military aviation technology, and today we’ll be talking about it!

JAS39 Gripen: A Jet Fighter for Sweden and Britain at Rank VIII


  • Superior maneuverability.
  • Mach 2 top speed.
  • Versatile weapon loadouts.
  • Countermeasures.

Vehicle History

By the early 1980s, it became increasingly clear that the Saab 37 Viggen was reaching the limits of its performance envelope and that a new aircraft would have to be procured to fill its role. As a result, the Swedish government released a set of requirements, demanding that a replacement design mustn’t exceed the cost of a Viggen while drastically cutting its weight, while at the same time offering an increased payload. As the new aircraft was intended to perform a wide range of duties, the future aircraft received a matching designation: JAS, reflecting its air combat, strike and reconnaissance capabilities.

Official work on the project began in 1983 with Saab leading a joint venture of several Swedish defense equipment manufacturers. Receiving the name ‘Gripen’ at the start of development, the first prototype of the aircraft undertook its maiden flight in 1988. After ironing out some design flaws, the JAS39 Gripen entered mass production and was subsequently commissioned into service with the Swedish air force in 1994. Since its introduction, the Gripen also enjoyed some popularity with foreign operators, being selected by South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Hungary and the Czech Republic as the successor to their outdated fighter fleets. Being a modern jet fighter and seeing continuous development since its introduction, the Gripen remains in service with all of these operators to this date.

Meet the JAS39 Gripen!

Welcome to the JAS39 Gripen, the latest multirole jet fighter operated by the Swedish Air Force and is set to become the most advanced aircraft to arrive at the top ranks of both the Swedish and the British aircraft tree (in the form of the South African variant) in the next major update, “Air Superiority”. Possessing not only excellent flight characteristics but also a very versatile arsenal, the JAS39 is sure to quickly become a firm favorite if you value flexibility as a key characteristic in your aircraft. Let’s take a look!

Representing a further development of the design philosophy of the preceding Viggen, the JAS39 incorporates some incredible innovations which make it clearly stand out from its predecessor while at the same time reducing its overall size and weight. For instance, although the Gripen also prominently features the use of canards, unlike on the Viggen, the ones found on the JAS39 are fully powered and thus substantially improve the aircraft’s handling characteristics, especially at extremely high and low speeds. Speaking of speed, the Gripen can attain a top speed of 1,900 km/h at high altitudes thanks to its light airframe and powerful RM12 turbofan engine. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly get into the heat of battle and won’t need to fear being outrun by your opponents if they decide to break off from the engagement.

Download Wallpaper:

Talking about engagements however, what does the Gripen bring to the fight? The answer to that question depends on the fight that you’ll be preparing your Gripen for! As a baseline, the JAS39 comes fitted with an integrated 27 mm Akan m/85 autocannon which can effectively be used against both aerial and ground targets, provided the correct ammunition is being used for each target type.

Interesting: In the absence of a thrust reverser and to decrease the stopping distance during landing, Swedish engineers made clever use of the Gripen’s canards by allowing them to be rotated nearly 90° to act as additional air brakes after touchdown.

For intercepting aircraft, the Swedish version of the Gripen can be equipped with RB 74 and RB 74(M) air-to-air missiles for close combat, and the RB 71(DF) for longer ranges. The South African JAS39C in the British line carries AIM-9L and AIM-9M missiles for the closer ranges, as well as the Skyflash for long range. Additional countermeasure pods can be mounted under the wings, and also on the same pylon as your short range AAMs! If the situation calls for some ground strike action, the Litening II targeting pod allows the Gripen to use GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-10, and GBU-24 laser guided bombs. JAS39C pilots can also equip AGM-65B Maverick missiles, while the JAS39A uses the AGM-65A (Designated as the RB 75). The Swedish version can also be equipped with unguided rockets, but bombs will be available for both versions: Mk.82 and Mk.83 for the JAS39C, and Mk.82 and domestic m/71 120 kg bombs for the Swedish JAS39A.

In your matches by Scott, Community Manager: Whilst you don’t have the most advanced longer range missiles when compared to some of your competition, getting up close and personal is where the Gripen will excel with its AIM-9Ms. That's not to say the Skyflash won't be useful in certain longer range situations though. You have a lot of countermeasures to use to your advantage as well as a solid amount of 27 mm cannon ammo. Avoid the initial head on contacts near the start of the match as much as possible. Once you are in the heat of closer quarters combat, very few aircraft will offer you a hard time in dogfights. Your low speed maneuverability is almost second to none.

The Gripen will soon be making its way to War Thunder in the “Air Superiority” major update. Besides the early Swedish JAS39A production variant, an export modification of this aircraft operated by the South African air force, designated JAS39C, will also be added to the British aircraft tree. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news for the latest information regarding the upcoming update!

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You can greatly speed up the research of the Swedish JAS39 Gripen with this pack:

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Finally, the IKEA Gen4 fighter is here!


Gorgeous vehicle!

Regarding AGM-65’s, why havent the RB75T been introduced yet? Was it not a functioning type, or not in service, or something?


Will the Gripens downward canard deflection of 80° potentially be implemented functioning similarly to a drag chute?

It would be a really neat feature as the Gripen is famous for its dispersed operating performance largely made possible due to these canards.

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Is this going to be functionally modeled in the game?


why not in italian tech tree as well, as you said Hungary used the Gripen as well. If you don’t give Italy a good rank 8 aircraft how are you supposed to play against americans and russians?? #JusticeforItaly


#justiceforitaly please give us historical performance of italian veichles as of today they seriously underpeform (for example ariete and centauro)

Do we already know in what line the Gripen C will be added in the UK tree?

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Cause the air tree hasn’t been added yet.

Its not just a difference of armament
The JAS39C is better in nearly every way
Engine is better, its more lightweight, technology integrated is better
Sweden players have been waiting 2 years for a proper top tier fighter just to get shafted
This shouldve been titled “Ultimate nordic warbird for south africa”


The gripen is also missing its 3 drop tanks


…so are many other aircraft.


I think it was mentioned in another thread that it will be after the FGR.2

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I love it!

Is it possible to get info on what specific version will be in game? Like what year of modifications or the specific MS upgrade? It will make it way easier to research for bug-reports and missing features.
(Might i even ask for info on what version of the JAS39C is coming to Sweden? Will we get both a JAS39C Early and a JAS39C Late?)

knew i’d seen it somewhere, it was on the news post


Engine: i Don’t think that is correct, many people that claim this are looking at data for the Gripen E. i have yet to find any sources that confirm an engine upgrade from A to C.

Lightweight: again, i don’t think so, i have seen no sources on this.

Tech-integration: Yes to some degree, id depends on what version of A we are getting since the A also was upgraded alongside the C when they coexisted.

Neither is the south african air tree…

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Except, that an air tree for Hungary is all but confirmed.

Probably because Italy has already had one of THE Meta jets for the majority of the year. Neither Britain nor Sweden have had that. Its already removing uniqueness from the Swedish tree to add it to Britain but at least Britain worked on the design of the Gripen with Sweden.

Meanwhile Italy has enjoyed the meta for the majority of the year unlike either nation and didn’t contribute to the design. They can wait until the rest of their air tree is finished.

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