JAS 39C to UK but not Sweden?

Dosnt make sense to me. the JAS 39C has 2 more pylons. better radar, better RWR and HMD.

there is a huge difference between them. so why not add the C to the country that made it?
did you learn nothing of the F-16 drama? where other nations got the better F-16 before the US, and US mains bullied you and you eventualy had to cave and give the US the ADF version?

you are doing it again here. Why even add the better Gripen to UK if Sweden, the country that built the plane dosnt get it? i dont get the logic.

its the workhorse of the Swedish Air Force. its the plane our air force is using RIGHT NOW. and another nation gets it first? unnacceptable!

JAS 39A should have been added with the F-16A, with the loadout options you give it. not even A Darter or something.

but Sweden definitly should get JAS 39C also. i seriously dont get why UK gets it but Sweden dosnt. Please gaijin, add JAS 39C to the Swedish TT also.

someone please make it make sense to me.




yep yep yep
its the F-16 situation all over again but Gaijin is unlikely to care because its Sweden and not the US.
Even though the Gripen is less Meta now than the F-16 was when that was the drama.


They are more than welcome to KEEP the JAS 39A IF, and ONLY IF they remove the fictional RB74(M) and downtier it(ideally to 11.3)


But this time it exists 😂

what makes me even more confused is that they give the UK a sub tree nations Gripen but not Italy


What if gaijin took the 39A, removed its 74(M)s, put it at like 11.3-11.7 and then added the 39C with all the bells and whistles that the UK one will be getting (including 74Ms and stuff like that)
That would make more sense to me than only adding a 39A for Sweden

Otherwise im in full agreement, JAS 39C to Sweden needs to happen


thats what i’m saying

But mUh CoMmOnWeAlTh

Seriously though, it makes fuck all sense that they’re giving the Brits a plane the they didn’t even use, but the Swedes that made the aircraft don’t get it? I feel similarly (but not to the same length) about the Japanese F-15 being a little bit better than the US F-15.


sub tree but Sweden should of got the C as well


JAS39 Gripen C from SAAF add to british it’s makes sence

But unsure in the future gaijin could add Gripen C with PS-05/A mk.3 radar or PS-05/A Mk.4 radar for sweden tech tree

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I don’t see any way for them to improve the F-15 for the US without adding 120s. I’m okay with Japan getting the better version. US has a history of getting the worst versions of their jets. F-86, F-104, F-4, F-16… We’re getting used to it! XD I’m just happy I have my F-15, and while I’m at work and can’t fully test it in ARB, the 7Ms tracked pretty well in the test flight.

well the current F-15 both the US and Israel has is inaccurate since no F-15As officially got any CM dispensers at all, why not just add the C since the J is a C anyway, anyway back on Gripen topic, only adding the C just for the UK is BS, it should come to Sweden cause well Sweden and Italy due to Hungary, an F-16 with 9Ls at 12.0 is a joke

I like the one guys suggestion, the current one, leave as is but remove the Ms. Bring the C in as the new top tier. They did it with the ADF, as mentioned.

they could also do that, but my main point is they should add the C to all nations in game that can get it including their sub tree nations
only fair tbh

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I don’t see anything for Italy yet, maybe it’s still being worked on?

On the surface this seems fine, but this isn’t 3 updates ago when it should have been added, and would just make more filler content for the Swedish tree. It’s already bad enough people have to grind hundreds of thousands of RP for the JA37D to get the same plane they had before (JA37C) for missiles the latter plane had in real life anyway.

I’m alright with Japan getting a slight upgrade over the F-15 if there’s nothing that can perfectly balance it, I was just looking for other questionable balancing choices they might have made.

I hope because Italy rn is dead until the typhoon get added in 2 updates or so, just give them a hungarian Gripen C, would just need a new skin and it is doable in 2 weeks if done by one of the many skin creators in the community

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There’s literally no logical explanation to this, C for UK and A for Sweden, NO EXPLANATION other than a sick joke to Sweden and Italy even. 39A for Sweden is just unacceptable when UK gets the C version in the very same update.


they 100% are planning to add the C to the swedish tree when they add ARHs so they can make players grind even more

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