Japanese Type 87 SPAAG, why does the radar dish not fold?

I know it used to not fold and then in 2020 it was made collapsible. But now you can only stop the dish from rotating, not lowering it anymore. What is going on? There are RL images on the Web of actual Tpye 87s with the radar assembly folded down.


It’s an issue with all SPAA now after last update (La Royale). My ADATS does the same thing. There’s several bugs after that update. I don’t know why they’re taking so long to fix these things. But they’ll come out with some stupid event or new game mode instead of fixing stuff that matters.


I’d like to say it’s a visual bug, but who knows at this point.

Every spaag i have had this problem, must be a bug. I think not a visual one, since i shot a spaag in the dish that wasn’t spinning.

Do it doesn’t retract and remains a hit box.

Also in the latest patch, crew replenishment starting, anywhere but on the 12 o clock position.

Not sure if its already been reported but you may want to report it on Gaijin.net // Issues

Same thing happens in M247

Yes it’s been reported, by myself and multiple others. Maybe they’re working on it but it’s taking a while if so. I’m also getting shot in my ADATS with the dish stuck up not rotating instead of folding down.

Bumping this again, since bug report is closed/ no more and this is not a suggestion.
Since the Latest update ALL SPAAG that could turn off their RADAR and would then Stow / fold their respective Search and Tracking Radar.

In the meantime there have been numerous small patches, none which address this problem.
as stated earlier the dish stays up and is not a visual bug, it can be targeted and shot.
this severely hampers my playstyle for the 35 mm KDA armed SPAAG since they are effective, if able to flank and use regular ammo or the 40 APDS, but with the Dish up it’s nearly impossible to hide your approach with an already tall vehicle.

Is this even looked at, and if so how much longer is this going to take. You broke it, FIX it.
Hiding behind an object only to have you killed by HEAT or HE because the Dish is above cover is getting old really fast.


Yeah still no fix. not sure what happened for it to break in the first place…

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It might be intentional,who knows.