Japanese Phantoms

Can someone explain to me why the Japanese Phantoms are at the BRs they are currently? The EJ/EJ ADTW especially seem to be pure suffering, but the EJ Kai as well has to regularly fight F-16s and 12.3s, despite being an absolute truck.

The base EJ and ADTW I could see at 10.7 as, when compared to the German F-4F they lose slats so turn much worse, but gain AIM-7E (Not E-2) Sparrows so can be used against high flying opponents, but nobody else. They have worse A2G weapons as well, only carrying M117 bombs or Zunis as their best bombs/rockets, compared to Mk 83/84 or even M118 for dumb bombs on the German Phantom, or 2 Mavericks for some standoff FaF weaponry. I won’t even bother listing the advantages the US/Israeli F-4Es have over the EJs whilst being the exact same BR currently.

As for the EJ Kai, it feels like it will forever be an atrocious aircraft for as long as it has to face the current roster of 12.0+ aircraft that have the same (Or better) weaponry than it on far, far superior platforms. Can we please try having it at 11.3 as a Japanese Tornado F.3 equivalent. Having it at the same BR as even the first Tomcat is a complete joke IMO.