Japanese Ho-203 37 mm Cannon - What was the firerate?

Ever since Update 1.99, when the Ho-203 37 mm autocannon had its rate of fire increased from 120 rounds/min to 300 rounds/min, I’ve been wonder as to the historicity of the new firerate. So far, I haven’t found a single source in my online search that mentions a 300 rounds/min firerate for the Ho-203; every source I’ve found states that the firerate was 120 rounds/min.

Does anyone have any information regarding this?

Yeah that’s definitely not correct. The Ho-203 had a modest ROF of about 120rpm.

Ah. I was also wondering about that. Sounds like something for the historical section of the forum though :)

There seems to be several issues with the round itself as well. For example, it shouldn’t have a tracer.



The Bug Report is unfortunately not viewable.

Hо-203 37mm cannon — fire rate has been increased to 300 rounds per minute. (report)

In the same patch was the RoF for the Ho-5 increased to 950 RPM. Which I also think is not correct.
Maybe that was the case when only firing AP rounds, since they produced more recoil. Probably increasing the RoF of the Browning action.
But again, the report is not viewable.