Japanese destroyers and light cruisers are blatatntly overbr-d

Torpedoes in this game are useless, enemies die before those get to them and launching them in hopes of them rndomly hitting something is not gameplay.
It is not fun fighting destroyers from lover brs, that fire faster and have better shells than your larger guns. And it doesn’t metter if you have more guns, becouse they break half of them immideatly and you can1t do anything about it.
Since in this game the only thing that matters is the guns japanese dd-s and cl should have their br-s lowered.

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Torpedoes are amazingly useful and effective, but take a fair bit to wrap one’s head around. You definitely have to have good map knowledge and player reading/prediction, and/or good positioning for the more typical long-range use, or for closer ranges making use of them in tandem with guns and other distractions, to help control the engagement.

In particular, last I checked my most-played and best-performing ships are the Japanese heavy cruisers, in which I have a positive K/D vs battleships, and roughly half my kills in them are torps. I’m not some super amazing player or anything, it just pains me a bit to hear torpedoes talked down as “useless”.

That being said, while Long Lances are good, they’re definitely not “raise everything by 0.3” good; most Japanese ships are certainly a tad overtiered, yes.

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I was talking about CLs and DDs, not CAs. Torpedose on CA-s are okay, becouse what you are launching at them are slow BBs and BCs whose can’t turn to dodge them. On DDs especially are useless, becouse enemy DDs are manuverable and can easily dodge them if pays any attention.
And “map knowledge”? Litteraly every map is the same open water arene with maybe one or two islands (for CL and up). For DDs it is worse becouse then the part of the map you fight in are too clatterd with islands where it is hard to get your torps off becouse of your allies, and you are so close to eachother that having more torp range helps nothing.

I already commented on this, and it’s part of their use; a proper use of torpedoes doesn’t just mean hits, it also means forcing enemies to try to evade, limiting their movement options and (most importantly) forcing them to further split their attention from the gunnery, repairs, and everything else they have to deal with. A huge part of Naval is “overloading” your opponent with things to manage.

If you’re referring to the Long Lance, sure, its range is mostly not useful at destroyer BRs, but it’s also very fast and very powerful.

Are you referring to AB or RB?

The torpedoes your only tool to sink others, you can’t just throw them away. If you would have good guns too, then I would say fine, its worth it, but you don’t have. And at range, you could only distractem for a sort time, which helps nothing in the grand sceme, and if they are close range, you are already scerwed, launchig torps would just expose your side.
And yes, long lances are overkill against DDs, 21 inch torps would have the same effect.

RB, I palyed RB becouse it would have better modifier for events and if I would want to grind, that would make it slightly faster

I also play RB for Naval.

Just wanted to clarify because it definitely matters. Torpedo reloads in AB make anything with long lances a monster, but i can understand why this might not be the case in RB. The later cruisers are very strong overall, but many of the 2nd class cruisers are weak, but would most likely be fairly weak anyway, for example, who would take a kuma over a moffett or somers? I think many of the other nations have ships in similar places. The lack of AP and slow reloads on the destroyers definitely pulls them back though.

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I have a 20/1 k/d in my Kuma, but just 36% win rate. You definitely need to change your playstyle in certain Japanese ships. I didn’t even unlock the extra skins for it and just moved to other ships lol.

I like to relax sometimes with ships with long lances. Still can get plenty of kills. In last few months I have noticed something disturbing with torpedoes. Yet again, gaijin has stealth screwed with torpedo release and now you are often not able to do a proper torpedo spread. The torpedoes just refuse to release or you have to wait for some magical reload, so instead of releasing all the loaded torpedo from all launchers, you spit out 3-4 and then nothing. Even a Moffett pauses after releasing 2 torpedoes. Where are the changenotes about it, gaijin? Japanese ships got punished the most by this new “feature”, yet they still sit at the same BR. For example, IJN Tone has 2x3 launchers on one side, but very often I’m able to release 3-4 torpedoes for a spread and then nothing for a while. Sometimes now I think I have released all the torpedoes, only later to find out 1 or 2 are still loaded on the other side of the ship. I didn’t have this problem before.