Japanese Destroyer Armament and Sensors

I was doing some reading, since I was thinking about making some suggestions for Japanese destroyers of the types missing from the game currently, but a lot of the pre-Yuugumo-class destroyers, that survived until late in World War 2, had their ‘X’ turret removed for more anti-air armament, but also received radar systems.
For example, IJN Hamakaze was in drydock in late 1943, where her ‘X’ turret was removed and replaced by two triple-25mm mounts, but at the same time she was also fitted with the Type 22 and possibly Type 13 radar.

So if I were to suggest some, should I suggest them in their “late-war” versions with the radars and additional AA guns or in the “early-war” versions with no radars, fewer AA, but retaining a third main battery turret? Which would you rather see in game, if either?

  • “Late-War,” with radar and increased AA but lacking one main battery turret
  • “Early-War,” with no radar and fewer AA guns, but retaining the main battery turret
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I’d rather see both tbh with with them being like a few Type 1936 Zerstörer with there being an early war five turret ship with a low amounts of LAA & a late war four turret ship with a high amount of LAA.

We could see those pre Yūgumo class ships in both branches even with the late war ones placed in coastal kinda like the current Chidori class TB in its 1944 refit.

Slightly related, There was a recent datamine that mentioned two Momi class destroyers, We may see a late war version added in a PB configuration with the added AA. (yet as always a datamine is to taken with a grain of salt)

Why not both? Most ship classes should have enough hulls that lasted long enough so that both early and late configurations can be suggested. However be aware as the class is already in game try to prevent simple copy/paste of those already in the tech tree. For the Yugumo’s these are:

Yugumo 1942 (tt)

Hyanami 1943 (premium event)

That still leaves 17 ships to choose from. There probably not much room for an early type except as a premium, but for a late configuration I personally would opt for Asashimo, the final survivor who eventually succumbed to air attack SW of Nagasaki, 7 April 1945

Both, but I’d prefer more main guns. Both for the sake of WT gameplay, and also aesthetically.

But really, I’d like to have at least one of all these missing classes to start with. Not one original Fubuki-class, the first “modern” destroyer (Ayanami is a sub-class), nor do we have an Akatsuki. We have a single Shiratsuyu but she was an event vehicle, not permanently obtainable. Not one Asashio or Kagerou either, nor the late-war Matsu or Tachibana classes. :(

Just suggest that ships can change their configuration varying from Early, Mid, and post. If it survived, the same can be done with ships from the cold war ships from Post->Cold->Modern.

Only if that comes with BRs that adjust according to refits(/ordnance/etc), otherwise it would most often make one/multiple worthless (looking at you, Ki-43).

And even if we did get a variable BR system, it’d also certainly mean fewer named ships added, which I’m also against for the sake of having the ships themselves, and also more lineup options.