Japan tech tree should get NATO country equipment only from ASIA Pacific country

Since Gaijin just declared Japan will get Asia Pacific country vehicle/planes and will not target on specific country, then I think Japan should only get NATO equipment only from Asia Pacific country due to close relation with USA and NATO countries after WWII.

It can not only make some sense but also save Simulation battle expereience stuff, It would cause more chaos if Japan get Soviet/Russia produced vehicle from vietnam, like T-90sk, t-62, t54or type 59 stuff
Or thailand T-84, and etc.

China deserve more to receive those WTO vehicles/ planes and it only have 4 tech tree in air and ground.And historically China is much closer to those Nation, which make sense to add them in game.

We also can split equipment for other minor nation. like South Korean’s NATO gear can go to Japan, but WTO gear should belong to China (Like South Korean’s T-80U & T-80UK can go to China, but K2 and K1 stuff can go to Japan)

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We dont even know what japan will get going forward so chill out


I just don’t want Sim battle experience get ruined, I quit sim is due to Italian M18, most of time it is just impossible to recognize it, and now Japan is getting whole Asia pacific

Yet China has Japanese vehicles curious


They are captured and re-used in war

meanwhile most European tech trees have soviet/russian made vehicles

I mean not to be funny but Chinas tech trees are about 75% foriegn vehicles. As it stands right now in Sim China brings M60s and M113 TOWs against NATO vehicles. That’s more of Sim being broken because Gaijin dont remove from such vehicles from Sim selections problem than anything.


I agreed that China also ruined sim as well for cold war era, but we can still defend the toptier not get messed up

No add the Oblot to Japan


well yeah that’s the thing its hypocrisy when they talk about this sorta stuff but the chinese tech tree has the same issue, plus to be fair japan is lacking rn and the VT-4 its worse than the VT-4A1, its highly probable the T84-Oplot-T its gonna end as the end tech tree vehicle for the subtree, i dont see any issues when russia has a T80U in the swedish tech tree and they havent complained so far


Japan must get all sub-tree vehicles possible without any restrictions. Like any other tree that lacks vehicles. Especially if it makes tree more diverse.
If you don’t want to see non-domestic vehicles in SIM, you should ask to change SIM vehicle rotation then, not whole tech tree.


There should be no problem as Italy obtains many vehicles from Hungary and China uses many Japanese weapons. In particular, it is virtually impossible to add something like the T-84 to the Russia tree, so I think it makes sense to add it to the Japan tree via Thailand.


Why should they? If there’s any nation those vehicles should be added to, even if just as skins, it’s Russia. China has nothing to do with those T-80s, they have no claim to them (nor does Japan, but if SK becomes their sub-tree then it’s a done deal).


nah they should get all the chinese vehicles from ASEAN countries which are modified and better version of original chinese ones ^_^


Only if they actually belong to the sub-tree


Well then, don’t forget to support China’s ROC get M1A2T once they are delivered this year to ROC, And F-16V blcok 70


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That is a done deal

If it’s part of some sub-tree or something like that why anyone should be against that?

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Will you support M1A2T to China, which purchased by ROC and gonna delivered this year? And Apache? F-16V block 70? MIrage 2000c5?

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