Japan needs to get atg loadouts for top tier jets!

This is getting out of hand. Japan now has 5 aircraft that could be fitted with guided air to ground munitions but only one of them has and its the f16. Unguided bombs are not viable at top tier. And apart from china japan is the only country that didn’t get guided munitions on their new aircraft. This is what the phantoms could carry

  • 6× AGM-65 Maverick
  • 4× AGM-62 Walleye
  • 4× AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-78 Standard ARM
  • 4× GBU-15
    But ofcourse that isnt modelled.
    Sorry for the additude but its getting quite anooying and i am sure im not the only one feeling this way so PLEASE add some atg weapons to japan. Like even the F1 could carry atg bombs
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Japanese Phantoms can’t carry guided munitions, the equipment to use them was removed.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 235131


This source says that it can. It even says the EJ Kai can carry AAM3’s

there is even a picture here of a EJ kai carrying prototype GCS-1’s

The EJ Kai is known to carry AAM-3s but for balance reason its not added to it yet. Personally, I don’t want it since it will push the phantom way too high since, y’know, it’ll probably jump it up to 11.7 or 12.0 which is the range of 4th gen fighters and their dogfight capability.


Yea, was told Gaijin didn’t add them since their is no hard evidence or proof that it can target tanks, only boats. Which most of us find it odd and funny since even tanks are not safe from IR homing missiles if they are on and running. So basically GCS-1 bombs can detect IR radiations from these vehicles using infrared CCD device on the tip of the bomb and being able to differentiate the difference in temperature “x” from background to “y” vehicle, find the hottest part of the vehicle which is most likely the engines. Should be able to lock on them and self-guide its way towards it.

I’m late to the party on this too so just things I’m finding out as I keep searching and reading. Can look at the other threads:

Once we get the F-2 ,F-35s if we get to that point, Jets in game, we should be good with JDAMs since they are capable of using them. Every other jet no.

I think this has been argued about on the old forum, the seeker of the GCS-1 just wasn’t enough to distinguish targets on land vs the signature of a ship against the ocean which is a much greater contrast. There’s just not a lot of options for Japan regarding CAS aircraft unfortunately, there’s the Kawasaki P-1 which can carry Mavericks and the Mitsubishi F-2 with LJDAMS+Targeting Pod, and the F-2 is probably not soon™ being one of the first combat aircraft made with an AESA radar when the game doesn’t even have PESA radars yet afaik.


ocean and land contrast isnt too far different. I can only guess that its heat signature size that matters since a ship is, well, big, but I’ve heard arguments that a engine deck is sufficiently hotter than a ship that it can still target it though I will say, these are only speculations

GCS-1 is not a guided bomb. It is a dumb 500\750lb bomb with fins modification that can guide itself automatically by IR signature after it is dropped.
It have IRCCM and can be used against ground targets but it will be either same as dumb bombs(guidance activates too close to ground) and no reason to implement or OP as hell if it dropped far above and search targets across whole map(burning wrecks are ~1000C and will be sorted out by IRCCM) and japan can’t have good shit.

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exactly japan cant have good shit.

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BTW historically I think only f-15 and f-35 can carry AGMs and GBUs since comptures needed for it wasn’t removed. I never heard JP have any of them tho. GSC-1 and ASMs are the only guided air to ground munitions JP have from what I know.

GCS-1 IIR [M117]
GCS-1 IIR [Mk82]

Found this website. Not sure if it’s helpful.

seeker sensitivity\search range was never published anywhere, I’ve searched a lot, doubt that website have any real numbers. + it supposed to be used together with CCIP, I’d bet aim zone is about 500m radius around impact point

This is also a wiki for a light novel series with alternate history. So I don’t think that it is a good source.

This page, a catalog of US planes, says,

Since the Japanese armed forces were at that time forbidden by treaty from having even a hint of an offensive capability, the F-4EJ was optimized for the air defense role, the AN/ASQ-9A nuclear weapon control system, the AN/ARW-77 Bullpup ASM control system, the AN/ASQ-91 weapons delivery system, and the AN/AJB-7 bombing system all being omitted. There was no provision for the carrying or delivery of air-to-ground weapons.

So air to ground weaponry besides bombs are out of the question for the F-4EJ, as they were only basically given bombs and unguided rockets

In later years, the restrictions against the F-4EJ carrying offensive weapons were lifted, and the aicraft could carry Mk 82 500 lb and JM117 750 lb bombs. The Phantom could also carry the Japanese-developed GCS-1 IR guidance system for precision attacks.

Regarding the EJ Kai, there is no mention about A2G weaponry except for the ASM-1.

I believe that unless they implement GCS-1 bombs as similar to the Mavericks, it won’t be a useable addition for Japan, and Japan never operated any CAS planes like the Americans or Soviets, so there isn’t really an option.

EJ Kai’s have been seen with ASM-2’s as well, so that could be another option.



Afaik, JASDF limited their aircraft’s ground attack capability because of their 専守防衛(Defence only) tactic. only recently developed or purchased aircraft have ground bombing capability.

You contradict yourself. Let’s use common terminology:
A guided bomb (also known as a smart bomb, guided bomb unit, or GBU) is a precision-guided munition designed to achieve a smaller circular error probable.
Therefore, yes, the GCS-1, or more precisely the bomb with which this kit is equipped, is “guided” in the full sense of the wor

Again, that’s not how it works. The visualizing CCD matrix as part of the GCS-1 seeker detects IR signatures corresponding to enemy equipment, automatically filtering out abnormally bright objects. How do you think the “anti-ship” bomb should have hit them initially if its seeker had operated in the radiation spectrum corresponding to 1000 °C? Nevertheless, you can be praised for a good picture. The fact is that the spectra of ships and armored vehicles are very close, if not identical, which also explains the ability of the GCS-1 seeker to capture ground targets as well.


Regarding Japanese guided weapons, these could be the GCS-1/GCS-2 and the ASM-1/ASM-2 anti-ship missiles (yes, they have the some technical ability to hit ground targets), including the datalink version of the ASM-2D/L, originally designed to hit ground targets. Another question is that it is unlikely that gaijin are interested in their implementation, and it is much more likely that we will receive some kind of weapons for CAS operations only from the F-2 in a modification adapted for carrying JDAM/LJDAM. Unfortunately, even timid attempts to introduce GCS-1/GCS-2 were sabotaged by some people at the stage of semi-working models on the DEV server, and therefore, given that ~4 years have passed, I have no hope for their appearance in the near future. Also, a number of prototypes, projects, and modern aircraft could carry American strike weapons, but they are unlikely to appear in the near future.


There’s this video I managed to find. Talked a bit on how GCS-1 works. It’s in Japanese so had to use my phone to translate to English for me with the camera.
Skip to 12 minutes into it.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 030241

Also mentions this book.