Japan CAS/SEAD/Bomber experience is atrocious

I am currently grinding out the late 5.7 through 8.0 battle rating for Japan, and the ability for me to match my NATO counterparts and Bloc opposition in the air is near impossible.

With the addition of the SUB II-I, things have improved for the 5.3 range, but the AFV cannot hold its own once super props, and Jets become involved. The single 20mm is no greater than that of the R3, and cannot keep up with subsonic aircraft. You do not get any support in this department until 8.0 with the type 87, which is standard for its tier. We definitely need help filling this gap, with a few World War II Japanese prototype anti-aircraft vehicles being a possible way to fill the gap, and maybe some more lend lease options like the 163 based on the M113 being used by Japan to some extent based on the chassis that the type 60 ATM uses. These are just options I can think of, but I would like to leave it to fellow forum users.

That is half the problem, however. The fighters are subpar at best when it comes to ground RB and ability to provide ground suppression in air RB. Japan has its last attacker at 3.3 with the P1Y1 despite it being a rank 4 apparently. The next aircraft that can be passed off as an attacker is really a fighter bomber that has the same payload as the Kikka at 8.0. Even the Kikka itself is pretty mediocre when it comes to being a fighter because of it’s limited armament and subpar maneuverability. I have flown the 262 and the difference is very noticeable Japanese fighters are a mixed bag. The N1K2 is a fantastic machine that I love using for bombing runs because if it’s to 500 pound bombs, but man, there are no other options that are worth anything. Please, I know there are some more World War II, Japanese attackers that were used by the Navy and the army, and Japan did use both the avenger, the helldiver, and I think they use the corsair in the skyraider, specifically later variants, after the war.

All I am saying is, there needs to be a discussion to fill this gap. With aircraft like the F-15, F-16, and eventually the F-35 having good enough ground attack capabilities for top-tier when they get added, we need to fill this gap for the sake of balance and player enjoyment.

I have been playing since Japan was added coincidentally, and the lack of much substantial change in this department is depressing.

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I normally just take the B7A2/B5N2/B6N1 Model 11 in all my line ups till 6.7 for CAS. Don’t want to face SPAA with radar and SAM. I even just kamakazi my way with the D3A1 or B5N2 and B6N series for fun with the 800kg bomb. I do take out some fighters, mainly the Zero’s for Air Support and keeping my tank players safe from CAS. I do use the bombs the fighter’s carry, but then I just camp in the air and wait for planes to shoot down. I do occasionally bring bombers, but hate having to deal with fighters with no main armaments for offence so not something I enjoy doing. Don’t forget we do have the Ki-109 for tank hunting, enough pen for top of tanks , just need aiming skills.

As for jet era CAS, Japan is lacking a lot compared to other nations. Only ones that can do heavy CAS is the F-16 AJ/F-4 Phantoms. The F-1 can do CAS too but its not a lot, just need precise aim with that jet to be effective. T-2 has no CCIP to help aim the rockets or gun or bomb accurately so I don’t use it as much. The Kikka, R2Y2’s, F-86F-30/40 and F-104J are simple fighters so not much CAS, simply drop and go for refills lol

This is a list of air vehicles that’s been suggested. Sad I can’t find anything super CAS effective for the 7.0 to 9.7 Br range, Japan wasn’t allowed to experiment. Maybe the Kawasaki P-1/2J/3C/T-4 can work. Japan does need something new like the Ke-Go Infrared Homing Bomb 101-109, I-Gō Model 1 Kō, I-Gō Model 1 Otsu armaments to Japanese bombers modified to carry them. Basically WW2 versions of the AGM. Will make it at least more fun and less depressing than just plane old bombs each time.

Don’t forget about the Type 75 SPH ability to act as SPAA, though. I like to lure enemy planes in by firing my MG to let them know my position, and then pop 'em with my proximity fuse HE round when they begin their run.

I do agree with you that Japan’s CAS is pretty limited, although I don’t think they’re alone at that BR range. I would say that I like using Japanese fighters for CAS. All of the energy fighters that would normally dominate them have thrown away their advantage by doing ground strike, leaving them sitting ducks for my Zero/Tony.