Jaguar is (another pointless 11.0)

11.0 basically dosent exist as a BR its either uptiered into 11.3 or 11.7 or even 12.0 if your playing AIR RB. Needless to say on the rare occasions your dropped down into 10.0 or 10.3 or even the other BR that dosent exist 10.7 yet its still here. These BRs make me question Gaijin as a company sometimes.

Lets take account of the Jaguar, it gets two magic 2 missles which are ok? Sometimes…hopefully when the buff hits the live server they will be better because the range is pure garbage atm. Anyways the big issue is this plane is practically un-usable at 11.7 in ground rb for running cas its only saving grace is it can barey hit mach so you dont ever have to worry about being to high speed to drop your GBUs but thier in lyes the problem with it. Is this thing gonna outurn a VT1? Even if you fly in the parellel line to avoid the missle it will not avoid it because its not fast enough just like the su25t or su39 these planes while having good ordancnce they are flat out not pratical in an uptier. This plane needs to be lowered to 10.7 and it will give it a fighting chance especially at ground RB ive played about 15 games in it so far and basically 13 of those matches went to 11.7 matches and because its british your normally always up against germany and or russia and basically the moment the flakrakrad comes out or the pantsir your dead meat, and thats not right to grind all this time for it just to get swatted from the sky the moment someones spawns an spaa this isnt a skill issue honestly thier is literally no one to outturn the the missles at 11.7 its just not fast enough nor does it posses the capability to barely avoid an ozelot missle but at least it has a fghting chance against a 2s6 or ozelot or a roland, or any other number of things at the 10.0 to 10.7 range.

All in all people will quickly realize another copy paste vehicle thats just a little faster and has a better targeting pod. Anyways people just know this plane could be 10.7 without being way to OP for that range of BR it only gets 3 bombs and the moment you turn it losses every ounce of speed so its not like while someone tries to intercept you while your doing CAS will you be able to confidently outturn them and dogfight you. This plane could probably lose a su25k but wait it has 2 magic 2s lol as if that will save you(for now)

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Having played the Jaguar GR.1A that sits at 10.3 (from experience) it’s decent enough in Ground RB, it’s tricky to snipe bomb targets from 8 km but it’s doable.

Seeing Jaguar IS right at 11.0 where it will see most of the time up-tiers, where people in Ground RB have 12km+ SAM renders the purpose of Jaguar quite useless, since it doesn’t have the speed nor range.
Left alone in Air RB…

It should’ve been 10.7 instead.
But then again, 10.7 and 11.0 Britain is nonexistent (ignoring the squadron Harrier).

My theory on this Jag. Its meant to give a usable top tier CAS option (11.3) without being better than the Tornado Gr1, so that you are insentivised to grind the TT still. It is the first and only Event/Premium aircraft we have for high tier CAS

Different BRs for ground rb and Air rb might effect this plane, time will tell.

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They’re amazing?

And thats it, its pull is good, its rear aspect IRCCM is good, just don’t go spamming it at MiG-23s from 4km

Nice text wall

No need to read further.