Jagdpanzer 4 (late) : tanky bunker of the Jäger/hunters

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Panzerjager 4 (late), composed by me and Chomusuke


During ww2, the StuG 3 & StuG 4 were the most numerous self propelled guns in germany’s hands, but as the war went on those vehicles got outdated and the german army needed a new tank hunter with the requirement of 100mm front armour and was supposed to use the 7.5cm L/70 as the main armamant. The vehicle they came up was the Jagdpanzer 4 (aka as the Panzerjager 4). While the vehicles were produced, the L/70 guns were not ready, so the Jagdpanzerer 4’s were equipped with the L/48 guns. The Jagdpanzer 4 was built on the Panzer 4H chassis. Early Jagdpanzer 4’s (serial Fgst.Nr.320001 to 320300) has 60mm of front armour, and the late Jagdpanzer 4’s (serial Fgst.Nr.320301 onwards) has 80mm of sloped front armour. When the L/70 guns were avalable, they stopped the production of the Jagdpanser 4 and started producing the Panzer 4/70.

In-game place & playstyle:

The Jagdpanzer 4 (late) is different to the Jagdpanzer 4 (in-game) with 80mm of sloped armour instead of 60, the machine gun port left side of the tank was removed and is now a big flat sloped plate on the superstructure. This vehicle has a weak gun for its rank (only 140mm armour penatration) but has a very good front armour, and exceptional armour with the add on tracks armour. It can drive up to popular places and tank a lot of shots from the front, being the tanky vehicle in the team and let others pick off the enemies. This vehicle suits br 4.7 - 5.0 well.


Armour: Superstructure: 80mm (front) , 40mm (sides) , 30mm (rear) , 20mm (roof)

Hull: 80mm ( UPF ) , 50mm ( LFP ) , 30mm (side) , 20mm (rear) , 10mm (hull roof) , 20mm (floor front) , 10mm (floor rear)

Engine: Power: 296 hp at 3000 rpm (Maybach HL 120 TRM)

Speed: 40km/h , 6 foward speed & 1 reverse gear

Weight: 25.6 tons (without addon armour)

Armamant: Primary: 7.5 cm PaK 39 L/48 (same ammo used as the StuG 3 G) , 79 rounds of ammo, same traverse as Jagdpanzer 4.

Secondary: 1x MG 42 , 1200 rounds of ammo


Length: 8.5 m

Width: 3.17 m

Height: 1.85 m







More information by Chomusuke1 down below in coment section :-)



Thankyou for reading, sorry for bad english as it is not my first language.

Section by Chomusuke:
Again Thank Chomusuke for all these information.

The Jagdpanzer IV F (Sd. Kfz. 162) was a tank destroyer developed during World War II and was based on the chassis of the Panzer IV. The main task of the Jagdpanzer IV was to defend against attacking enemy combat vehicles such as tanks and assault guns. In War Thunder, the current Jagdpanzer IV presently found in the game is a very early January 1944 example, which you can clearly see below:


Instead of depicting a standard, common, mainstream example produced during the peak of Jagdpanzer IV F production, Gaijin instead has decided to provide the German faction player with an extremely rare, early prototype example with early features such as the periscope mount found only on the second prototype of the Jagdpanzer IV (versuchs 2 {V2}), nose mounted spare tracks, two machine gun ports/openings, thinner frontal armor, thinner side armor, no schürzen, and a muzzle break. This complete lack of late improvements of any kind is a noticeable detriment to the combat effectiveness of the Jagdpanzer IV F in the game. In contrast to the SU-85 & SU-85M and their armor differences featured in this game, the German faction player has to make do with a extremely rare, early, single solitary prototype example of a Jagdpanzer IV in an extremely early configuration that is completely outclassed & inappropriate for late war maps & events/scenarios. Therefor, Gaijin should introduce a proper Jagdpanzer IV F example into this game, one produced during the peak of Jagdpanzer production (July 1944):


Main improvements and vehicle features of this July 1944 Jagdpanzer IV F over the rare one that is currently present in the game would be:


Spare track moved to rear hull

Spare road wheels moved to rear roof

Left machine gun port deleted

Inner gun mantlet base plate revised to reduce weight

Muzzle break removed

80 mm frontal superstructure & upper hull armor

40 mm side superstructure armor

Panzer IV J style radiator cap

Some more information:













This was a collab with Chomusuke, more than half of the credit and hard work goes to him, I was just the original composer of this suggestion.


Updeted layout for better read and added aditional poll options!

This could be like a german jumbo in some way

This thing is pretty much a german counterpart to the soviet SU-85M, but the 75mm L/48 is a slightly worse gun than soviet 85mm, so would be fair to put it 0.3 BR lower, at 4.7, which is why in game it’s gonna be 5.0.

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Yes, the armour is also better angled compared to the SU-85M and basically a panther’s ufp. So it can soak up a ton of damage. Perfect for 5.0 br where the front armour works very well, just dont get caught in a flank!

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The SU-85M has its entire ufp at 75mm/50° while this vehicle has upper half 80mm/50° and lower half 80mm/45°, so neither tank has better front armor.

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It’s an absolute crime that none of the Jpz 4 tank destroyers have been added yet.
Obvious +1

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Soz, my bad for remembering the wrong values. Cant remember everything off the top of my head lol :p:

Don’t worry, I used to make the same mistake before I started playing WarThunder. It’s easy to intuitively assume that since this vehicle was built at about the same time as Panther was, they shared some qualities, like slope of the frontal armor.

Cheers man