Jagdpanther and Ho-Ri Prototype

These two vehicles are essentially the same, yet the Ho-Ri gets a ridicilious BR of 6.7 while the Jagdpanther sits at 6.0 now we know that Japanese players are on average much more skilled than the average german main, but this does not excuse this blatant hate against Japan, the Ho-Ri prototype was fine at 6.0, moving it to 6.7 makes it obsolete, if the snail really wanted a japanese 6.7 TD, the production variant is equal to the ferdinand which sits at 6.7 in the German tree, but the Production Ho-Ri is 7.3 for some reason. Can these simple changes be made if Gaijin really isnt discriminating against Japan?


They aren’t discriminating against any one. Give them a actual reason other than “Japanese haters!”. That isn’t a reason. That is a opinion

This ^

Each time a BR change is upcoming you are welcome to type below if you think a change is needed and why.