J8b problem

Ive been grinding for the J-11 and im currently researching the J8F. however, almost J8B every game i play the J8B is 19/20 games is a full uptier to 12.0 and any players that play the j8B can 100% agree that the J8b is NOT 12.0 material. it has NO PD mode for its radar which makes the aspide opsolete as everybody uses chaff, the flare count isnt low but not high either, it has only 4 missiles and its either 2 useless radar missiles or 4 decent REAR ASPECT MISSILES at 12.0 which is NOT viable at 12.0 while comparable aircrafts carry way better missiles. (9Ms, 27ERs/R/T, 24r/Ts, 9Ls, 7Ms/F etc) and carry 6-8 missiles while J8b only has 4 rear aspect missiles and it isnt maneuverable compared to similar BR J7e. so here are some options i think could fix the current matchmaking

  1. raise the BRs higher for f16 and mig29s
  2. lower the J8b BR (i personally dont think its a great idea but if its necessary then i think it should happen)
  3. lower player count, J8b being a missiles bus without the missile bit and flare count cannot keep up with all these modern missiles
  4. give j8b a PD mode so that it can actually use the radar missiles
    these are just my opinions but feel free to express yours and i hope this gets fixed as j8b is not the only jet that suffers from this issue

I hate how the j8b had the f16 radar but in war thunder it dosen’t.

Honestly a problem of BR compression. The F-16A (with its better flight model) is very good, the MiG-29 gets really good missiles, and so does the Yak-141. The F-14B is pretty decent as well.
Once Fox 3s are to be added, they should really increase the max BR to 13.3/13.7 to give room for 10.7-11.7s to actually play.
For example, the F-16C to 13.7, the F-16A to 12.7, and the F-4S to 11.7. The J-8B would then go to 11.3, so that they don’t face 10.0s. All all-aspect attack aircraft, like the A-10 and Su-25s, should go to 0.3BR higher too.

But I am not really sure why can’t we simply change the max BR range from ± 1.0 to ± 0.7, so that vehicles don’t have to face such extremities such as a MiG-21BIS fighting F-16As on one end, and F-105Ds on the other.
± 0.7 would mean that the MiG-21 BIS (or J8B for this matter), would fight 11.7s, like the Mirage 2000C-S5, at worst, and 10.3s, like F-5Cs, at best.
I assume it’s because it would take a long process to have it changed (or whatnot), but I think this would be very beneficial to how gameplay feels (where as now it seems like you dominate (in a full downtier) or get dominated (in a full uptier).
This should be applicable in GRB too.