J7W Shinden Kai WWII Jet

With the F-16AJ, I think it would be safe to say Gaijin could add a plane that was planned. Japan’s early jets are quite lacking, and well their entire tree past V is lacking. They have the R2Y2 series which never were built but are not ingame. Adding a Shinden with a jet engine like it was supposed to be would be such a cool new vehicle. If Gaijin wanted to stick to the book as much as they wanted they could give it a br of 7.7-8.0, keep the same guns and a Ne-330. If they wanted to make a all out theory fighter from WWII they could give it the Ne-330 and a early afterburner as the Jumo 109-004E had a early form of afterburner. They could also modify the airframe and allow the plane to have more ammunition. Hell, it’d be crazy if they gave it a Ke-Go IR guided smart bomb. I think it’d be a really fun plane to have in game and it would be a good addition to Japan’s middle Fight/Interceptor line, as the “J7W2 Shinden-Kai” or something like that.


The J7W2 never existed either.

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The idea that it was “supposed to be a jet engine” is made up.

The plane was made as a canard because Tsuruno, the creator, believed that such a design would be more compact, allowing for the same equipment to be stored in a smaller overall plane, leading to a plane that was lighter and faster.

There was no project actually started to equip a jet engine on the J7W. In a way, the plane is more fictional and paper than what the R2Y2s are.

Additionally, the Ne-330 would simply not fit in the J7W1. It was meant to be used on the R2Y2s because they are very big planes that actually had the fuel tank capacity for the engine as well.