J7e shhould get pythons

I might hope 2x PL-5C or PL-5E stock instead PL-5B & PL-2 replace with PL-8 on J-7E and up to 11.3 this quarter

I guess for Chengdu J-7G would be 11.7 before Shenyang J-11 & J-8F at rank 8, and with IR PL-5E (stock), PL-8 & PL-8B or PL-9

Much like the F-4F Late at 10.7, it sits at that sweet spot BR where any lower and it would club and any higher it would get clubbed.

PL5bs are still amazing missiles and the airframe is probably the best at 11.0. The only downside the J-7E has is the lack of SARHs.

I agree. That’s why J-7G should be added instead of adding PL-8 to it. So people can enjoy J-7E at 11.0 and if they want a PL-8 capable J-7 then they can use J-7G at 11.3

Yeah but the Python 3 isn’t a 12.3 missile though. Every 12.3 match lately has been a CM spam fest in an effort to counter the IRCCM missile spam - an environment the Python 3 wouldn’t do well in.

Once you lose those four missiles that won’t hit anyone using CMs as previous mentioned, you have to rely on your limited cannon and mediocre flight performance in comparison.

Sure you could bully maybe the rogue Tomcat or a lowspeed flanker but you don’t have the CM load to really stay alive for long. Sometimes the desire for better missiles, and getting them, results in a worse gameplay experience.

Yes we need decompression as well. It’s nearly impossible to ensure fair matchmaking for every vehicle. So some vehicles are going to struggle in uptiers.

The day Gaijin stops worrying about queue times and does decompression is the day Jesus returns with a laptop bag and a caramel latte.


Also gaijin thinks giving aircrafts separate BRs for ground and air battles would make things worse

It would have it’s downsides, sure. By dividing up the MM pool more, it would increase waiting times and create BR dead zones.

When WoT had it’s ANZ server, you couldn’t even play the game unless it was during peak hours. Even then 2-4 minute queue times were common. Sure that wasn’t due to MM issues - more a lack of people playing - but the same result could happen to WT if Gaijin decompress too fast or too far.

Decompressing to 13.3 wouldn’t significantly affect the queue time

Queue times when we had Br 20 were fine in my opinion.
Many people here underestimate the flight performance of J-7.

But with J-8F being 11.7 with 6 Python 3 I assume discussing J-7E at 11.0 at the very least with 4 Python 3 is pointless.

instead of PL8 for J-7E they can just add the J-7G at 11.3 which is actually PL-8 capable. They can also add F-7PG with AIM-9L (?) at the same BR too if GJ does put effort in modernizing china

Yeah PG can carry(Shown once) western GBUs as well.( in real life it depends on the Pakistani Mirage and F16s for designating the target)
(This load out wasn’t finalised.)

We can get the F-7BGI as well. It can use 5 LS-6 or 4 Teber guidance kit bombs and PL-9C missiles for a2a.


j7e should really get pl5c as well as the j8b. its been like 2-3 months since it came out


What you really should be asking for are the PL-5C found on the JH-7A. The PL-8 are trash-tier as they go for every single flare known to man, while the PL-5B and C will at least ignore flares if you get close enough.

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PL-8 / Python 3 can ignore flares at low ranges and good angles at times but what you say generally is true.
It’s maneuverability and range as well as short burn time are it’s advantages.