J-7E should have get PL-8

The J7e should get python 3’s. my reasoning is that the J7e, although still good, isnt as competitive at ‘top tier’ as its radar missiles meta and although the Pl5bs are still good they arent great as its one, if not the only top tier without all aspect missiles. the Kfir c7 for example gets 4 python 3’s at 11.3 whilst being faster, better guns and actual radar rangefinder only not having the maneuvering of the J7e.
so i believe you should consider giving the J7e python 3’s


And also J-7D


That is a chinese branded mig 21. I doubt it was compatible with python 3s or if it was ever fitted with them.
I could be wrong though.

Wiki says the J-7’s could carry it: PL-8 (missile) - Wikipedia
Just the ones in game couldn’t slave it to their radar but could fire it like a regular, unslaved, IR missile.

I do not fly the J-7D anymore because it gets up tiered against friggin’ aircraft with a better airframe, radar and 6x Python-3…
Pretty much every match.

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Just add J-7G with 4x PL-8 at 11.7

This is how it should be:

J-7I - 9.3 (2x PL-2A)
J-7II - 9.7 (2x PL-2B)
J-7C - 10.0 (4x PL-2B)
J-7D - 10.3 (4x PL-5B, 20G)
J-7E - 11.0 (4x PL-5C, 30G)
J-8B - 11.0 (PL-5C / PL-11)
J-7G - 11.7 (4x PL-8)
J-8F - 11.7 (6x PL-8)

PL-5B in War Thunder is actually PL-5C since 5B had 20G and 5C had 30G


Either give J-7D better missiles (and raise its BR since it’s getting up tiered already) or like you said, worse missiles and lower the BR. 10.7 is already fine since then it won’t get up tiered against F-16’s. Same class aircraft but literally way better at everything.


J-7D at 11.0 is one of few planes that doesnt have access to all aspect missles at the BR. Even tho PL-5B are good, with one of best flare resists ig, they still go for first flare,so they arent that much OP. I´d love to see J-7D get all aspect PL-5s and BR decrease to 10.7. At 10.3 it would be too OP even tho performance wise its same to 21MF but with better missles.


i really want the J7e to get python 3’s, the problem with it is both it and the J7D arent as competetive with missiles changes making radar missiles better then IR (which they dont have) and rear aspect only

Export J-7s such as F-7PG(Uses AIM-9L,Magic 2) and F-7BGI(Uses PL-9C and PL-5EII) could be good addition to the tech tree.

For 11.0, 4 x30G rear aspect IR missiles isn’t a bad deal, as far as other aircraft at that BR go you have the MiG-21bis with it’s very short range R-60Ms and worse FM, you have the F-4E with AIM-9Gs i think and AIM-7E-2s that aren’t useful in top tier, the Kfir C.2 which only has 2 x Python 3s and comparable flight performance. Really the only aircraft I’d say has better missiles is the MiG-23M and even then those R-60Ms aren’t good which leaves the R-23T which only pulls 20G

Really if either J-7 received Python 3s it would have to be bumped up to 11.3 leapfrogging the J-8B meaning it would have to get Python 3s and move up to 11.3 and you end up with a lot of aircraft in a very small BR window of 11.3 - 11.7 which isn’t great

Really what the PLAAF tree needs is to give the J-8B PL-8s moving it to 11.3 and then something to fill the gap between 9.3 and 11.0

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The problem is not that it’s bad at 11.0. The problem is 11.0 gets uptiered every single matched to F-16’s rendering the designation “11.0” useless.


The matchmaker will always make certain BRs hard to play, you can’t just exclude a whole BR because the matchmaker isn’t so kind to it.

And lets look at it another way, if you give the J-7E PL-8s and move it to 11.3 it will still be a pretty bad aircraft for that matchmaker, but now when they add some 12.3 aircraft like the F-15 you’ll still be in the top tier matchmaker and you’ll be suffering more than before. If you just deal with being at 11.0 for a while eventually that 12.3 will come and all of a sudden you get the same kind of matchmaker as 10.7 now, and if you look at that 10.0 - 11.0 matchmaker the J-7E will be amazing again.

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@卜部美琴是我老婆Urabe_X I guess gajin might consider expanding maximum br to 12.7 or 13.0 matchmaker for fighter aircraft toptier carry with medium-range fox 3

For J-7E, 4x PL-2 replace by 4x PL-8 or PL-8A and PL-5C or PL-5E replace 2x & 4x PL-5B

Gaijin have always been against BR decompression so you’d better be damn sure it’s gonna happen because otherwise you will end up in a 1950s delta wing airframe against F-16s MiG-29s and F-15s with much better weapons and flight models for a long time.

On the other hand, if you just let it stay at 11.0 as soon as the F-15 or any similar aircraft is added it takes all those F-16s, F-14s and MiG-29s away with it and you get to dominate a matchmaker full of A-10s and SU-25s.

IDK about you but I wouldn’t rely on BR decompression to make an aircraft viable.

Yes the PL-8 is better, but the J-7 airframe is not 11.3 material, and PL-8s are still only short range IR missiles, you will still get bullied by AIM-7s and R-27s

Just look at the Kfir C.7, it is not a good aircraft for top tier, it just about passes for usable now that it has Python 3s but it also has significantly more thrust than any J-7.

The J-7E will just end up in an even worse spot long term, maybe it becomes a little more usable for a patch or two, but as soon as better aircraft are added it becomes much worse than it is now and it stays that way for even longer.

The PLAAF more than any tree in the game is really hard to balance because their airframes are so subpar for the year they were produced yet the weapons they carried generally being quite modern.

The J-7E was introduced to the PLAAF in 1993 yet it sits at a BR filled with aircraft mostly from around 1973, that’s because if you give it all the weapons it could carry IRL it would never see the end of the F-14As, MiG-23MLD/MLAs, Mirage 2000C-S5s, JA37Ds, and even Tornado F.3s that it stands no chance against, PL-8s or not.

At least at 11.0 it won’t be the worst aircraft at it’s BR, because at 11.3 even with PL-8s it certainly would be.


If Kfir can have pythons at 11.0 i dont see a reason why J-7D/E couldnt either.


that’s 2 for the Kfir vs 4 for the J7.
Double the missiles seems like quite the difference to me
The Kfir with 4 missile also just so happens to be at 11.3
doesn’t seem like a stretch to say 4 PL-8s is a 11.3 loadout.

Kfir with 4 pythons is 11.3 due to its flight performance being way greater than C.2s at 11.0. Also C.7 is much better plane performance wise than J-7.

I think its better to move to other modern variants of J-7. There are plenty of J-7s left to add. Specially I want to see the Super-7 variant.

No matter how you look at it the PL-8 is enough of an upgrade over the PL-5B that a BR increase is needed so either:

The J-7E goes to 11.3 or,
The J-7E now should be at 10.7.

Now lets look at 10.7 and see if the J-7E belongs:

F-5A/E - less engine power, worse missiles, better energy
A-7E - ground attack
F-104G - danger pencil, can’t dogfight, worse missiles
F-4F - worse missiles, similar flight performance
SU-22(U)M3(K) - ground attack
Sea Harrier FRS.1 - better missiles, subsonic, bad dogfighter
Saab J35XS - similar FM, few countermeasures, more worse missiles, no tracers
Kfir Canard - better FM, worse missiles, less missiles

Now as it stands the J-7E would have the best missile of any air superiority aircraft at 10.7, would have a good flight model for 10.7, a powerful engine for 10.7, lots of countermeasures for 10.7, put simply it would dominate 10.7 which is why it is at 11.0

So in short, if the J-7E gets PL-8s it will go to 11.3, and it will suffer at 11.3.