J7E cockpit and functions are incorrect in the game

Hello everyone, I noticed that the J7E cockpit in the game is completely wrong in relation to what actually exists in real life

Captura de Tela (59)

As you can see, this should be the j7e’s cockpit, several documents and reports from pilots indicate the presence of 2 multifunctional screens, in addition to the rwr used in the game being quite advanced, however the plane doesn’t even have a rwr display in the game.

the cockpit language is also incorrect, as it is a fighter made in 1987 with a heavily modified design and made by the Chinese, it is very strange to see Russians in the cockpit

Anyway, I hope this post is seen by some dev and that the jet can be remodeled soon, thanks for reading :)


they are probably using a placeholder cockpit

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yes, very likely

99.999% of players never see the cockpit and don’t care. But thanks for noticing.


You should share the sources otherwise it’s not a valid argument.

Btw is this a targeting pod or fuel tank?

This is F-7PG’s cockpit

if it is a fuel tank its not based on the Russian model, and if its a targeting pod… its not a very good one since the gimbal limits seem to be non existent (no camera either)

I think it’s something like a smoke canister. Since the jet in this picture is J-7EB(Aerobatics variant of J-7E)

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here “Civil Airworthiness Certification: Former Military High-Performance Aircraft.”

I mean you need to add some links to your sources

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