J35XS It's his biggest laughing stock

J35XS is basically a kite, it turns a lot but there’s nothing more to it, the plane only has 12 flares, it doesn’t have that powerful of an engine, 120 bullets and a cannon that’s much more difficult to hit, and the AIM9J nowadays seems to dodge with any flare, 10.7 was a great engine, but now literally all matches fall against 11.3 and its missiles in all aspects are absurdly disproportionate, the grind until the gripen is extremely slow and massive because the only functionality of this plane is kill but falling against 11.3 all the time is difficult to compete with your own team and also with the enemy team…

Ngl, it’s fine. It’s not great, it’s just fine. Average. Meh. F-104S TAF is way worse.


It’s literally the best 10.7 what are you yappin about


Im always eager to see them whenever im flying F-4S for two reasons:

  1. im not being uptiered to 12.0
  2. they lack RWR

Nothing funnier than smacking J35XS space climbing from 40km.

Well the thing is supposed to be able to mount radar missiles, but gaijin just didnt add it…

The J35D cant carry them, if the J35F1/F2s was added they could mount them. Then we have the J35J
That could carry 4-6 of them. The missiles are Falcons

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Here is The J35D that was used as a Test platform for the Rb 28s or Falcons

Possibly the F-5E, but yeah.

Although I am admittedly not incredible with it, the J35XS is a totally decent aircraft. While it may have a low amount of CMs, I’ve personally never had to use them all in a single match by positioning myself carefully and being selective with my targets. A good tip for the AIM-9Ps (RB-24Js) is to use them at about a kilometer if you think your target is paying attention to you. With the semi-recent rise time changes I’ve found that the AIM-9Ps will just ignore flares sometimes at short ranges.

It recently got tracers back and will get 2 drop tanks soon™. The lack of fuel was its biggest drawback. Once the next update drops, it will be the strongest 10.7 plane in ARB and ASB.

Though personally I dislike playing it in ARB. Everyone just runs away from me and nobody wants to fight, ever. If they see me, they run. Gets boring quickly. In ASB it’s an unmatched beast.

Honestly when flown “correctly” they are all very strong in their own right. Kfir Canard for example can run down and one circle a F-5E but lose in an extended two circle fight.

Ive recently tried it in Sim and oh lord is it good. When you truly get the drop on somebody you almost 100% win every engagement because with full real control you are impossible to chake off

Aw yeah. My tactic is to fly low. ID target with radar on high repetition, then switch to IRST to stay stealthy. Get close. If he doesnt see me, he ded. If he sees me, I enter 1 circle, then high AOA and gimble limit shot with a sidewinder. Works every time.

I only have The J35D (I hate they added this thing instead of the J29F-1 or F-2 variants. Since they got Falcons. Or even the J35J that was even better.)