J35XS had Falcons!

Finnish J35XS

Here we see the RB 27 (Passive radar seeker) or RB 28 (IR Seeker) Both could be used. Sure they are not on par with the other radar guided


A good chunk of Drakens could carry it, however Gaijin for some reason hasn’t added them yet.


The J35F J35J-1 and J35J-2 had it. And the J35XS

Gaijin denied Falcons last year when they added the J35XS cause they were…rubbish. That was the reason given.

hey better than nothing, id rather have a chance taking out somebody than none. Sure they basically work as a HE chell. But again id rather have a Possible way of dealing with F4s etc. Than simply having nothing in my arsenal. These are the next best thing we have to All-aspect… Since sweden had a grudge against All-aspects for some odd reason??

I think the funniest (and probably worst) part of that statement from them is that it’s not entirely true. Majority of the Falcons fired in Vietnam were done so out-of-envelope, and also weren’t properly integrated on the Phantom like they were on say, the Draken, Delta Dagger, Delta Dart, Voodoo, Mirage IIIS, etc.

With missiles like AIM-9Bs and early AIM-7s in WT ignoring a lot of the technical issues they had IRL, I imagine Falcons could be decent weapons if implemented to the same standard. They’d just have to directly hit the target, as opposed to exploding close by.


They’re not even bad at all. 25g overload, good range, and the Swedish versions had a proxy fuze.
Plus, there’s the far inferior R-3R as the only radar missile on aircraft up to 11.0.
And that’s not even mentioning the lower tier aircraft, particularly the F-4C, that could benefit from Falcons.


The F-106 was passed to Devs last months. If they don’t introduce Falcons when (if) it arrives then it will be impotent. Once the first type arrives with them fitted I suspect others will soon follow.

Falcons had better kill rates than Sparrows in Vietnam, and not to far behind Sidewinders, but you wouldn’t know that as the all the talk is about their performance on the F-4, a type that was always a poor pairing.


That’s dumb lol. They painstakingly added hundreds of napalm and retarded bombs and I’ve seen them used maybe once in a real match


Gaijin hasn’t added it because the AIM-4 Falcon is a useless pile of garbage that doesn’t even have a proximity fuse and needs a direct hit.

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Still better than literally nothing. Id at least want hope for something to work at long range than having again Nothing

I’m all for getting some Falcons into WT, both IR and SARH variants.

Sure they were not stellar, but we also have things like the Fireflash in the game, haha!

They would certainly be fundamental for the Convair Deltas, but also for the Swedish and (yes I can dream) Swiss Deltas they would certainly be very relevant.


15-16Gs for AIM-4A/B/C/D and I think AIM-26, 25-26Gs for AIM-4E/G/F.
I know the E/G/F were pretty much all-aspect (especially with IRST), and I think the AIM-4C/D were semi all-aspect

The F-106 would probably be an absolute menace with them (the radar/FCR was purpose-built for the Falcon, and the two worked very well together)

Yeah. The Swiss Mirage IIIS maybe too, as our Mirages were equipped with the Hughes TARAN, which was also designed specifically to work with the Falcons…

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Oh yeah, absolutely
Was the IIIS C.70 still able to use Falcons? If so, then you’d be looking at a Proxy-fuse Falcon-equipped Mirage with CMs

AFAIK they never lost the capability to carry FALCO’s (as we called them), but a quick picture search didn’t show any images with C.70 upgrade MIRO’s in flight with FALCO’s. The images that can be found are from museums (one even equipped with 2 FALCO’s and one NORAS (AS.30), which is clearly not a valid loadout) or from airframes now owned by private clubs:

That’s J2313 which is no owned by Mirage verein Buochs and no exhibited on the grounds of Pilatus Aircraft, bust half a mile from where I grew up…

I’ll check my books and ask among “my” Mirage crew… ;-)

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Sounds good! I hope to see the Alpine Mirage (maybe both the S and S C.70) in-game some day lol (it’s one of my favorite variants)

Don’t forget R-13s. They won’t be better than the 9Js but would still be nice to have.


They did? Source?

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