So, the tech tree j2m2 is already overpowered, is the premium one any good? (im mostly looking for SL grinding)

Buy J2M4 Kai. It is top of the tops because Japs (any japs is bias according to base-bombing guys)

i might be stupid but i dont see it

Sorry, I forgot. It is available only in some holidays. So you will be able to buy it only in some months

All good lol

The J2M4 sucks. Its engine is wrongly modeled.

30mm J2M5 is good, but depends a lot on how good you are at shooting. A7M1 is a very good pick too.

Pff, I know. The player is thinking that J2M2 at 5.0 is overpowered so joked

What do you mean?

All japanese planes are overpowered for those who don’t know how to fight them. Even the A6M5 Ko now at 5.3!
Since the J2M2 is now 5.0 up from 4.3 a few months ago, I wonder what its final BR will be.

IIRC the engine on the J2M4 is missing a lot of performance at medium to high altitude, gaijin modeled it wrongly. I don’t have it so I don’t know specifics.
If you want something japanese with a turbocharger you’re better off getting the Ki-100-2 - which is pretty good.