J11a needs to descend RB

As a Chinese version of the Su27 J11A, the J11A has the same performance as the Su27, but compared to the Su27SM, it is weaker than the radar in terms of ground strike capability and other performance, as other performance is almost the same, the radar of the J11A is weaker than the Su27SM and does not have air-to-air missiles such as the KH29TE, so the J11A should be downgraded to distinguish the Su27SM


The br can’t be lowered as It would make It 12.7 the same br of the J11, while having fox3s.

What’s more, the n001 radar does not have the ability to fire active radar projectiles, just like the radar of the SU27SM, the radar of the J11A (mlu) should be modified, as in the game model, not the ordinary J11A, but the J11A (MLU)

Its a work in progress, It Will receive its radar when the second dev drops.

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That’s great, is the source reliable?

First time with updates and dev server ?

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Because I use it regularly, I know that many of the problems in the DEV server will appear directly in the live server. There wasn’t even a second test

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You most definitely haven’t, seeing as the last 2 updates had 4 dev server updates.

they keep denying every report about it having the wrong radar, while fully knowing that the N001 cannot fire R-77s