"J out" in ground battle problem

Is not a common issue but sometimes few tanks players "J out " from his vehicles just before you can kill it avoiding the kill reward. This problem was sovled in Air giving the kill to the closer enemy player but in Ground is untoched, should be added similar system for Ground Bttles too.


I’ve been playing for almost ten years, and something like this with tanks has never happened to me, I don’t think it’s a problem, so I don’t even need a solution.

I dont know but i see this problem very common specially in players with meme tanks like R3, Sturmtigers, etc . And players before get bombed.
So yes, this need a solution and similar mechanic added in Air for similar reasons.

In air RB for 10 year snow players have slammed into the ground to deny kills.

You’re off topic, we’re talking about ground RB.

This is more of a witch hunt than anything real.

Is it off topic? Because its the exact same thing just without the key press. And since they have not fixed this in 10 years, it likely won’t happen.

Sure thats why “give the kill to the closer player system” was added.

Maybe it was common in AB.
Personally, I have rarely seen anyone J-ing out in his tank before getting killed.

A way to prevent this is to shoot the tank with machine guns before a bomb.

That not always work.

If you didn’t touch me then u get no points! it works just fine as it is when i J out!