Anyone agree that J-8F at current BR of 11.7 too high? HMD+Only IR missile is not that “unstoppable” like many cried before it came out.
As for the Python3/PL-8, just equally easy(or even easier) to be flared as any other IR missiles. Actually it performs only worse on a Mig-21 than a Phantom, even with HMD.
Now let’s say the HMD problem on J-8F. You use it in 2 situations:

  1. enemy is in the front hemisphere of you. It’s always more convenient to simply point your nose to enemy and launch.
  2. You are in a turnfight. This rarely happens because of your lack of radar missile and bad energy retension. Your enemy will kill you at range or simply hit and run. You can never chase him up because your speed dropped from Mach1.2 to 400km/h after a U-turn.

Thus HMD on a bad flight model is nearly useless. At this point we can say J-8F is even worse than Kurnass, it has better loadout, ability to CAS and lower BR. J-8F do need a BR decrease.


What’s more. There’s even no one cries about J-8F since it came out. That’s more than enough to tell its ability in this forum environment.


Revisiting this topic after my time in J8F.

My conclusion is that its amazing. 11.7 is perfect for it. easy 4:1 kd capable aircraft if flown exclusively even at up tiers.

Its going to be really good when it gets the Radar missiles and the fuel tank.

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Yes ABSOLUTELY. The j8f should NOT be at 11.7. The kfir and kurnass also with pythons are at 11.3 and the kfir is more than likely the better airframe. Definitely not a very enjoyable aircraft at top tier since virtually every plane outperforms you in every metric. And pl8 while good suffers greatly from the flare buff. You cant outspeed or outturn your opponents and your missiles get flared to easy you might as well pack pl5b. What you really have is a mig21bis with slightly less maneuverability and slightly more thrust at 11.7 with no radar missiles and easily flared ir missiles with hmd


If you want a fun j8 experience go for the B model which can actually perform what its designed for. Which isnt flying a sea level trying to dogfight mig29s and f16 with shoddy ir missiles


I strongly agree with the poster’s idea that a plane without semi-active radar shells is difficult to take the initiative in combat and can only rely on the enemy’s mistakes to achieve the goal of killing, making it difficult to stand firm on 11.7


Moreover, the aircraft of the J-8 F appears very poor in combat, making it difficult to pose a threat to others


And now its even more painful now that you deal with swarms of f16c and 29smt. Your pl8 with no irccm cannot compete. you cannot turn, you cannot outspeed, you cannot run, you cannot head-on, you cannot bvr. Gaijin must not understand this plane is effectively a mig21bis at 11.7 with no radar missiles… kfir c7 sits much more comfortably at 11.3 with an arguably better airframe. The rip speed on this airframe is pathetic, its lower than mig21’s… and it also pulls less aoa than mig21s, and with the recent buff to f16s you can no longer attempt to use your delta wing to pull into them.


Have not played the J8F since patch drop. how is it fairing? I might run a couple games. Would be really nice use a radar missile with the best HMD imo in game. longest range by 10x

Its not doing too well as expected its 11.7 br pushes it to fight the swarm of f16c which not only outmaneuver you but also have your same funny hmd trick. This jet would massively benefit from radar missiles as its high alt performance is quite good. It does have really modern avionics so your rwr is top of the line. If you are really good with the j8 you should be “fine” but its definitely in a disadvantageous spot rn.


j8f will get radar missiles probably when everyone gets amraams


When I say PL-8 is terrible people say “PL-8 is better than AIM-9L”.
The reason for this is that “the PL-8 has the same flare resistance as the AIM-9L,” They said, but when i used the PL-8 in actual combat, I found many situations where he was evaded by flare.
The PL-8 has a Track Rate of 20, which is slightly lower than the 9L, and it is also faster than the 9L, so the actual number of reconfirmation attempts is probably lower than the 9L.
In a flare-free environment, PL-8 is arguably the best IRAAM, but that’s like throwing a coin toss.
If you ask me, PL-8 is worse than 9L, so BR needs to go down. same for JH-7A: 3

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Yeah; kinematically the pl8 is better than aim9L/M but that doesn’t really matter if it gets defeated by flares. I personally think j8f should have gotten pl8a simply because it can only use ir aams with a questionable airframe at 11.7 where its constantly seeing f16c and mig29smt. I was especially hoping the jh7a would receive irccm capable missiles being a strike aircraft at 11.7 but i guess we will just have another blatantly overtired chinese jet


In this game, all the self-developed vehicles owned by the Chinese system always have a terrible BR. Perhaps the developers only saw its certain characteristics, and then copied and used the basic attributes of its early imitation products for easy modeling. You can see these case on J-7, J-8, and JH-7. Then they randomly come up with a very OP attribute (sometimes it’s a weapon, sometimes it’s other attributes). Other players in the game will see the effect of this OP attribute and think it’s an excellent vehicle. But often, it will be weakened in the next several versions, and then it becomes what it is now. Players who don’t have these vehicles will stay in the old impression and think it’s still very powerful. Only the users know that all the vehicle performance is completely behind the other systems of the same BR.


The J-8F is quite decent but you can not go toe to toe with 12.3 aircraft of course.
The Python 3 is being somewhat useful again with it’s range and pull combined with HMD.

crazy that mig23mld sits .3 lower than this glorified mig21


You can slap MiG-23 with it.

You’re not gonna “slap” a MiG-23ML+ with the J-8F unless the pilot is away from the keyboard / inexperienced.


It ceritainly can be done. It surely depends on both players and on the situation but I’m curretnly not struggling at all.

It’s not done. Like saying you can win against the F8F in a P-47. Simply not going to happen unless the F8F makes a mistake. The MiG-23ML has higher sustained turn rate, better AoA, better handling. There is no situation where the J-8F wins a fair dogfight.