I used to do it in the other J-8 as well…
At the right speed you can avoid the nose and go nose to nose or wait in the others turnign circle so to speak.

They were simply bad pilots, there is no other way to discuss this. If you would like… I can demonstrate.

Don’t know what to tell you
In Kfir, Milan or in this case J-8 MiG-23 does not scare me. That ML, MLD or even M will be able to outrate many aircraft they encounter is nice and all but outside of a duel mode with gun timer and so on that does not matter as much as some might think.

It is not enough that it outrates them, it is better than them in pretty much all aspects aside from the very low speeds and there it is still well-off. I don’t understand what you mean the J-8F has little to no way of beating a MiG-23 in a fair fight. You can try to show me what you’re saying if you’d like… but clubbing poor MiG-32ML premium noobs in air RB doesn’t mean the aircraft is of equal stature performance wise.

We can test it tomorrow if you want. Eitehr way in a random match MiG-23 wotn be the problem.

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Ultimately if he wants to kill you, he’s probably going to succeed…

If he’s lucky, ey?

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No, ey?

No luck MiG-23 you say?

Right, it’s not necessary. Performs better so just needs a competent pilot.

Knowing what to do certainly helps with all things in life.

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My primary issue with the J-8F is not how it moves, or how fast it is, or how much energy you lose in a turn. It’s the PL-8 - all the speed and g overloads in the world cannot help you if they go for every flare known to man at the BR range you’re going to be fighting at. I much prefer using the JH-7A in ARB, because at least you get PL-5C, and they do a much better job at ignoring flares once you get up close.

The PL-5C has much worse flare resistance in all situations compared to the PL-8. This is easily visible when comparing the datamine, and in-game testing shows this to be the case as well.

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